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Apple launches new models of Magic accessories

Thanks to the many spellbinding presentations from Steve Jobs the words “Apple” and “magic” are permanently intertwined. Apple also adopted the superlative adjective as the brand name for its various accessories. Today Apple extended that line with the unveiling of the new Apple Magic Keyboard, Apple Magic Trackpad 2, and Apple Magic Mouse 2.

Let’s take a look at each of the new Apple Magic gadgets:

Magic Keyboard

Apple reengineered the scissor mechanism behind the keys on the Magic Keyboard. Apple claims the result is 33 percent better key stability and optimized, consistent key travel. The new design also has a lower profile than its predecessor.

Magic Trackpad 2

The Magic Trackpad 2 also offers a lower profile. Apple claims that the new device has a 29 percent larger surface area, and that it’s engineered to deliver a responsive, uniform click no matter where you press. This is perhaps the most impressive upgrade of the three gadgets because Apple also added Force Touch technology so the trackpad can perform different functions depending on how hard or deep you press on the Magic Trackpad 2.

Magic Mouse 2

By replacing the AA battery compartment with a rechargeable battery Apple reduced the number of moving parts in the Magic Mouse 2. According to Apple, the new design is lighter but still solid, and optimized to glide with minimal resistance.

Apple states that all three of these devices pairs automatically with a Mac using a Lightning to USB cable and communicate wirelessly using Bluetooth. All three also include lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that provide a month or more of usage and can be fully charged from empty in about two hours.

The word magic has many definitions. As an adjective it can mean wonderful or exciting, or it can mean supernatural. We’ll assume that even Steve Jobs didn’t believe that Apple or its devices are imbued with supernatural capabilities and that he simply wanted to convey how wonderful and exciting the innovative Apple products are.

I’ve never really been a fan of the Magic Mouse—I prefer a mouse with a little more bulk and more form fitting to the hand like the Logitech MX Master. However, when I was using a MacBook Air as my primary PC and had it docked I really loved the Magic Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad. With the improvements and enhancements in the new Magic Keyboard and the Magic Trackpad 2 I think I would definitely want these accessories if I were using an Apple computer.

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  1. Great new products. Amazing new technology.

    Apple products itself is the foundation, but the companies like WhatsApp creating amazing apps, and Lumiy creating amazing lighting hardware is pushing building a ecosystem that is feeding a virtuous cycle for apple. Even this LED desk from Lumiy Lightline looks like it was purpose built for the Apple user.

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