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Review: Rowkin Mini Earbuds

I want to start out with how much I wanted to love these Rowkin Mini Bluetooth earbuds. But we are not starting out with that.

From startup and pairing these things were a pain. For starters, the two earbuds are not paired with each other by default when you take them out of the box. I attempted to follow the instructions in the manual provided, but they didn’t work for me. It states to hold down the button for 6 seconds or until the light flashes–with one flashing white and other flashing red/white. I spent an entire day trying this over and over again. It was not until I held down for 20+ seconds that they actually paired with each other.

So, I finally got them paired to each other and then paired to my iPhone and I was able to play Apple Music, Pandora, etc. When the sound actually works, it’s decent–but the problem is that the sound cuts out every few seconds for a few seconds at a time so I was unable to listen to anything, really.  To make sure it wasn’t somehow an issue with my iPhone, I also paired the Rowkin Mini earbuds to my iPad Pro and then to my Galaxy Note 5. I had the same problem consistently across all devices, so the issue is apparently with the Rowkin Mini earbuds.

I really wanted to love these, but based on my experience I give the Rowkin Mini earbuds a 1 out of 10. I would not suggest anyone buy them–especially at the 100 dollars US price tag.

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  1. Hearing quality is wonderful when listening to music but not so well when hearing calls.

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