Bing Campaign Landscape

Check Out the New Microsoft Bing Campaign Landscape

I know that all that really matters is who has the most electoral votes when the dust settles on November 8. As Clinton and Trump prepare for the third and final debate this week, though, it’s also fun to dig into the polls and data and analyze the election in detail. Microsoft debuted some new features today in its Bing Elections Experience to help you do just that.

According to Microsoft, the new Elections Experience features are designed to help you stay on top of the latest developments and predictions—providing a wealth of valuable information right up to election day. A Microsoft blog post explains, “We’ve added a new tab called Campaign Landscape and it provides you a view of the winning predictions and candidate spending.”

The Campaign Landscape feature gives you:

  • Winning predictions by state: Bing is predicting who is going to win this election and who is going to win each state, updated in real-time. Check out who Bing is predicting will win your state, as well as the presidency! Soon Bing will add forecasts for each congressional race.
  • A view of candidate spending: Curious to know how much money each candidate is spending in each state or how much money they’ve raised across different sources, industries and Super PACs?
  • State voting preference by demographic: Use the map view by state to see search volume of each candidate by age and gender.

Maybe it’s the geek in me, but I love stuff like this. I closely follow all of the polls and state-by-state breakdowns on sites like FiveThirtyEight and RealClearPolitics. One of the things that appeals to me about sites that provide information this way is that they are not biased or viewing information through the lens of a political agenda. Data is non-partisan, and I find it very interesting to dig through analytics that collect and aggregate data from all sources to provide a more comprehensive overview of the election landscape.

Go check out the Bing Elections Experience and the new Campaign Landscape features for yourself. You can also watch the final presidential debate on Wednesday by streaming it on Bing. Type “presidential debate video” into Bing tomorrow or on the Bing mobile app. Most importantly, though:


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