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Harness Continuous Everything with Automic v12

DevOps is primarily a cultural shift in how things are done–a change in principles and practices more than tools and platforms. One of the hallmarks of DevOps beyond the culture, however, is automation. In an effort to streamline as much as possible and function more efficiently, DevOps strives to automate as much as possible. Automic wants to help businesses streamline automation with the release of Automic v12.

Automic is in the business of automation. The company recently launched a unified suite of business automation tools called Automic v12 that promises to streamline operations even more.

I wrote about Automic about a year ago. At the time, I noted how the name Automic is a sort of double entendre that has “auto” right in the name but sounds like “atomic,” which makes it sound very dynamic and powerful. I also wrote about being confused by what exactly Automic was offering. It was dubbed “continuous everything,” even though it seemed to focus on only three areas, and I wasn’t sure what the actual name of the product or platform was.

That was then, this is now. Fast forward a year and it seems as though Automic—and its brand messaging—have both matured.

According to its mission statement, Automic strives to drive powerful outcomes for customers in today’s global economy by automating their critical business processes. In the wake of five successful acquisitions, Automic reports double-digit growth and 2,700 enterprise customers representing a variety of key industry verticals. Apparently, the business of streamlining automation is booming right now.

“Automic Release Automation (ARA) v12 is all about simplifying the steps necessary to utilize and maintain the solution to enhance the value proposition of the automation platform as a whole. The intelligent ‘Zero Downtime’ deployment and update capabilities are not simply about updating Automic agents with no downtime. They are also about removing infrastructure maintenance bottlenecks with intelligent software that can determine, for example, which agents are best updated at which time,” explains Julie Craig, research director at analyst firm Application Management Enterprise Management Associates in a press release statement. “With an enhanced REST API, customers can leverage ChatOps to use their favorite chat client to interact directly with the ARA platform while processes are in-flight, without going through a dashboard. Both of these new features are impressive differentiators which both current customers and prospects will likely appreciate.”

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