Amber by ClearGrass

Review: Amber Apple Watch Charger by ClearGrass

Today I am going to share my review of Amber–a portable Apple Watch charger by ClearGrass. This review is going to be short as it’s just a charger for a smartwatch so there’s not much to it.

Amber is an Apple Watch charger that also connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth to provide some data such as the remaining power left in the charger, as well as charge cycles it has gone through.

Amber charges from a standard wall outlet via micro USB cable. The down side is you will have to supply your own micro USB cable, because Amber does not come with one. Inside, where the watch charger is located is empty when you receive the portable charger, because you also have to supply your own Apple Watch charging cable. I don’t suggest using the cable that came with your Apple Watch. You have to wind the cable around the center core and the default cable that comes with the Apple Watch is long. I ended up going to the Apple Store and getting the shortest cable to use.

On the outside there is a USB port so can plug in and charge your iPhone at same time as your watch.

I have a stand in my room that charges my iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad, so I only use this device when traveling.

An added benefit of Amber is it has a battery so you can keep it in a backpack when you take those trips to a theme park and be able to keep your Apple Watch charged so you don’t miss that dinner reservation. You can also keep your iPhone (or other devices) charged so you can take those thousand pictures.

In my test on a single full charge just charging my Apple Watch I can charge it from 1 percent too 100 percent seven times. If I just use its outside port to charge my iPhone I get about 2.5 full charges. Charging both the Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time, I can recharge twice on a single charge of the Amber.

This is a pretty great device. Ultimately, I give it a 7 out of 10 stars. I have to take off a little for having to supply my own micro USB and Apple Watch charging cables. I’d rate it higher if it came with everything you need out of the box and wasn’t a “some assembly required” device.

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