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Review: UAG Monarch Samsung Galaxy S8+ Case

Today I am reviewing the Monarch case by Urban Armor Gear for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

I have used several cases on my Galaxy S8+, as well as several on my iPhone 7+. While my Trooper case for iPhone has broken and had to be replaced at least 5 times, and I had a less-than-stellar experience with the Rogue Folio case so I wouldn’t suggest those. This one, however, I love and have not had any problems.

UAG claims it has five layers of protection. Most cases that have two or more layers, but you have to attach every layer and it’s tedious. With the Monarch case, it’s all one piece–just snap it on your phone and it’s ready to go.

For one of my other jobs I am outdoors almost all day and let’s just say I’ve dropped my phones a lot. Gravity has won many battles with my Galaxy S8+, but thanks to the Monarch case it does not have a single scratch or dent.

UAG is so confident in the Monarch case that it has a 10-year warranty. Most of the other UAG cases have a standard one-year warranty. Their warranty process–if you ever need to use it–is quick and simple.

The only complaint I have is that this case only comes in one color. My wife and I have trouble sometimes telling whose phone is whose because we have identical cases.

Overall, I am really impressed. I give this case a 9 out of 10.

2 thoughts on “Review: UAG Monarch Samsung Galaxy S8+ Case”

  1. I have had the Monarch case for the 8+. I have replaced a screen protector twice in less than a year due to drop damage. I have the Zagg Glass screen protector on top of the Monarch case. I love the look and feel of the case. The Leather makes it easy to hold on to and it looks great. Let me add the S8+ is a phone that was designed for breakage if you take it out of the office environment. The large screen and curved edge create a screen that is begging to be broken. The case does protect the back if contact is on the back. And it does a good job with corner falls. It even does a good job with screen down flat falls. But, If the phone falls face first at an angle you will crack the screen. I am not sure there is an answer to avoid screen damage with this phone.
    Overall a great product in an impossible situation.

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