The Ultimate Guide for Picking a Projector for Your Home Theater

If you are a movie buff, chances are you want the ultimate movie experience. Unfortunately, regular TV screens don’t give a theater-like experience. They work well for the average user, but as a movie buff, you want the same experience that you get in a theater. Thankfully, projectors are easily available and provide the experience you crave. There is just something special about watching your favorite movies and shows on a big projector screen. Not only does it provide exceptional picture quality but allows you to enhance the picture to your liking both size and quality wise.

Picking the right projector can be a bit tricky. There are various factors you must consider in order to get the perfect one.

Pay attention to the projector’s lumen

A projector is only as good as the quality of image it relays. Brightness plays a great factor in that, you want a projector that isn’t too bright or too dull. You gauge exactly how bright a projector is, you need to pay attention to the lamps lumens. Now, that doesn’t generally mean a low lumen projector isn’t going to get the job done, it can. However, the quality of projection all depends on the size of the room you utilize the projector in.

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A low lumen projector, 1,000 or less, doesn’t have an exceptional throw. That means you need to use it in a smaller room otherwise the picture will be quite dull. You typically have a distance of 10 feet between the projector and the screen with a low lumen projector. On higher lumen projectors, 2,000 or more, you can easily get exceptional picture quality in a bigger room that has a distance of 20-25 feet between the screen and the projector.

The good thing about high lumen projectors is that you can also use them in smaller rooms. So it is always better to get a projector that has a lumen rating of 1,500 or higher so that you can easily use it in both big and small rooms.

Picking the right projector screen

The screen you select is just as vital for your viewing experience as the projector itself. You need to keep a few things in mind when you select a screen: size and color. The size of the screen will depend heavily on the projector and room where the projector will be installed. You want a screen that can easily be accommodated in the room while also has enough space between the projector and the screen. The bigger the screen, the more room you will need. You also want a projector and screen that are compatible with a 16 x 9 display so you get a widescreen display rather than a 4 x 3 boxed display.

When it comes to screen color, most people opt for white. While white screens work well, you can also consider getting a gray screen. Gray screens work well in rooms that are tough to get completely dark. The gray color doesn’t reflect as much light as white does, so your viewing experience will not be deterred too much.

Projector technology and resolution

Of course, everyone wants the latest technology and the highest resolution possible when it comes to projectors. However, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars more on the latest technology to ensure you get the best experience. If you are smart about it, you can easily get exceptional video quality from a mid-range projector. LCD projectors are brighter than DLP projectors but cost slightly more. However, in the right conditions, you can get a great picture from DLP projectors. In smaller rooms, DLP projectors work well and the picture quality won’t vary too much. However, for bigger rooms, LCD projectors are a better option.

As far as resolution of the projector goes, you want to go with a projector that gives an output of at least 1080p. If your budget permits then you can go for a projector with 4K resolution. However, 1080p will allow you to get exceptional picture quality through blu-ray and is more than sufficient.

If you truly care about your viewing experience than there is no question in getting a projector. The overall experience is just more satisfying than that of a television screen. Since, projectors are more mainstream now, thanks to advances in technology, they are far more affordable. If you pair your projector with the right audio system, you are sure to get theater-like experience at home.

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  1. It was a great deal but only after a few months of having it and possibly only using it 5 times, I can’t gat the screen to stay down. It keeps retracting up. Wishing I would have bought the electric motorized one.


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