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Enjoyment of Wine at Home Is More High-Tech than Ever

Wine may be closely linked to the quality of soil, distinct grape varieties, and traditional harvesting periods, but technology has hit the sector hard, with top wine manufacturers relying on augmented reality, QR codes, and apps to inform, entertain, and enticed wine buyers to their brands. Technology isn’t the exclusive realm of big winemaking companies, however. It can also be used at home to collect a wide array of bottles and to keep them in top condition. Below are just a few ways in which technology and wine go hand in hand for those who enjoy taking a sip of red, white, or rosé at home.

Upping the Prestige of Home Wine Collections

Savvy customers from across the globe are building cellars and installing large-capacity wine cooling units at home, making for a gourmet space that guests can visit to choose a wine that tickles their taste buds. The truth is that if you have a collection of over 50 wines, then storing it in a standard fridge just won’t do. Some have dual-temperature functions, so you can store your whites at 45ºF and your reds at 55ºF. They also boast features such as compressor technology, glass doors, LED lighting, reversible doors, and charcoal filters. They can be considered a must for those who invest in rare bottles of wine that are kept for special occasions.

Drones for Delivery

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, sees drones as the future of e-commerce fulfillment to solve the issue of last-mile deliveries. You may recall the story of the Australian couple who relied on drones to bring them their favorite luxury bottle of wine while they were quarantined on a cruise ship during the lockdown. Drone delivery may still be in a moment of experimentation, but it has already been used successfully to deliver bottles to those willing to pay a pretty price for this exclusive service.

High-Tech Devices

If you already have every single smart home device that makes life easier and more cost-effective, then it’s time to add yet another piece of tech to your collection—a next-gen decanter such as the iSommelier. This device infuses <href=”#:~:text=WHY%20DO%20WE%20DECANT%20WINE,wines%20that%20are%20unfined%2Funfiltered.”>high-quality oxygen into the wine, cutting aeration times from one hour to one minute. A similar gadget called vSpin creates a vortex that can have your wine completely decanted in just two minutes!

Single Glasses of Collector Wines

If you enjoy collecting top-level wines and you’d like to invite your guests over to try a glass of top-level wines, then few things impress quite as much as the Coravin System, which injects a surgical-grade needle through the cork to extract wine by the glass. Don’t worry about the quality of the wine being affected. The system fills the gap left by the missing wine with argon gas so that the product remains fresh and flavorful.

Wine has gone high-tech, as much for restaurants with large collections as for home collectors. Some of the most interesting tech in this regard are large-capacity cooling units, high-tech decanters, and single-glass pourers. Drones are still at the experimental stage but are already proving to be an ideal solution when it comes to bringing luxury wines to hard-to-reach or traffic-riddled areas.

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