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Accessorize Your Apple Watch with Nomad

I have been a fan of Nomad for a long time. Nomad produces a variety of innovative, high-quality accessories for mobile devices. When Apple announced the Apple Watch, Nomad got busy and developed a few new products aimed specifically at Apple Watch owners.

Rather than doing three separate reviews, I am going to provide a quick review of three different Nomad products here: The Modern Strap band, the Pod Pro battery, and the Stand for Apple Watch.

Modern Strap

One of the things I love most about the Apple Watch is the vast variety of straps and watch bands available. It’s fair to note that Apple didn’t invent the concept of changing the watch band, but it seems—at least to me—that Apple took it from something you can do in theory to something you should and will do as a function of owning the Apple Watch. Swapping the strap is very easy, and gives you the ability to give your watch a whole new look and feel in under a minute—quickly switching from casual, to sport, to formal as your activities dictate.

Nomad actually offers a variety of Apple Watch straps. The specific one I tested out, however, is the Modern Strap. It is made from Horween leather and comes in what Nomad calls “Rustic Brown”. Nomad claims that the leather will develop a patina with usage—giving the strap a distinguished look unique to you.

It was a little stiff out of the box, but after a few minutes it was comfortably broken in. It has a classic look, and a quality feel. I also have a metal band that I use for more formal settings, but the Nomad Modern Strap has become my daily-wear casual strap for my watch.

Nomad offers Apple Watch bands ranging from $29.97 to $79.95. The Modern Strap is $59.95—falling roughly in the middle of the pack.

Pod Pro Battery

If you travel a lot, or you’re just active and out of the house for extended periods of time, you might need to recharge your watch while you’re on the go. That is where the Pod or Pod Pro come in handy.

The Pod is a smaller device with an 1800 mAh lithium ion battery capable of fully charging the Apple Watch up to three times. The Pod Pro—which is the device I tested—is a larger, 6000 mAh battery that also has a connected Lightning cable and is capable of fully charging both the Apple Watch and an iPhone 8 two times.

The Pod Pro is like a double-sized hockey puck. The anodized aluminum case comes off so you can coil your charging cable around the base (it does not come with an Apple Watch charging cable of its own). It snaps snugly into place thanks to magnets on the base and inside the case. You charge the Pod Pro (or Pod) itself via micro USB.

You simply lay the watch on the battery so the bottom of the watch makes contact with the charger. Charging an Apple Watch with a continuous band—like most metal watch bands—is a little more difficult because you have to pick up the battery and put the Apple Watch around it so the back of the Apple Watch can make contact.

The Pod Pro is $49.95, while its smaller sibling is $39.95.

Stand for Apple Watch

If you just need to charge your Apple Watch on a bedside table at night, the Stand might work better than the Pod Pro.

The Stand looks like a work of art. It is roughly shaped like a reverse letter “C” made of aluminum with a weighted steel base that has a rubber footing to keep it from slipping. Like the Pod and Pod Pro batteries, the Stand is a strictly BYOAWCC (bring your own Apple Watch charging cable) device. You mount the Apple Watch charger in the top center, and then run the cable down and around to the base of the Stand in a trough cut into the back and bottom.

Because of the way the Stand is designed to hold the Apple Watch, it works well even with continuous circle bands. As an added bonus, however, the top is at a slight angle and allows you to mount the watch sideways and use Apple Watch in Nightstand Mode is you have a band that is not a continuous circle.

The Stand is available in Silver or Space Gray. I’m not sure why they’re priced differently, but the Space Gray model is $39.95, while the Silver one is $49.95—but currently available for $24.97.

If you have an Apple Watch, and you want to wear it or charge it in style, you should take a look at what Nomad has to offer. This review focused on Apple Watch accessories, but make sure you also check out the innovative batteries and cables from Nomad, as well as the various iPhone cases. Nomad’s products are not cheap, but they are also not overly expensive. They are reasonably priced for the level of innovation and quality you receive, and I highly recommend them.

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