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Chad Skipper Talks about Anti-Malware Testing

Inner Circle Podcast: Episode 005

Chad Skipper, VP of Competitive Intelligence and Product Testing at Cylance, is my guest for this episode of the Inner Circle podcast. We talk about the importance of anti-malware testing, and how and why you should do the testing yourself.

Does your anti-malware solution work? If you are looking at the available options and trying to choose a new anti-malware tool, how can you effectively determine which one is best? You can review information and product specs from the vendors, or look at industry reviews or customer testimonials–but some of that information may be biased and much of it might not apply to you and your specific environment and threat landscape.


Chad is one of the co-authors of a “For Dummies” ebook on the subject of anti-malware testing. A blog post from Cylance about the ebook explains:

Next-Generation Anti-Malware Testing For Dummies consists of six concise chapters that explore:

  • Why legacy anti-malware techniques are limited, and how artificial intelligence and machine learning combat modern malware more effectively
  • Why you should test for yourself
  • How to set up your own anti-malware testing environment
  • How to safely obtain malware samples and test anti-malware products yourself
  • How to take action on your anti-malware testing results
  • What to consider when choosing an anti-malware solution for your organization

The ebook is a quick and easy read. You might think that doing your own anti-malware testing is too technical for you and that you don’t have the tools or skills to do it, but the ebook walks through the steps you need to set up a testing environment and conduct your own tests.

As promised in the podcast, here is a link for you to get a copy of the ebook: Next-Generation Anti-Malware Testing for Dummies.

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