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Cutting-Edge Fields for Entrepreneurship and Tech Startups in 2018

If you’re interested in starting a business in 2018 and you don’t know which kind of business will benefit you, worry not. There are various prominent industries for start-up entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at some of the innovative, cutting-edge fields you could take advantage of.

Cryptocurrency Business

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which depends on encryption technology (blockchain) to transfer money via the internet. It’s another method businesses canuse to accept payments from clients.

entrepreneur tech startup
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Bitcoin is continuously making headlines and the entire cryptocurrency business keeps growing. Businesses that incorporate cryptocurrency have increased a lot.

Worldwide, San Francisco and New York are the leading regions for cryptocurrency businesses and London is the 3rd highly famous region with entrepreneurs in this field. In Europe, Berlin is the second one and Paris comes third after London in regards to the number of cryptocurrency businesses.

Cannabis Business

Whether it is for medicinal purposes or for recreational purposes, marijuana is currently legalized in most regions. Businesses that have the name “marijuana” or “cannabis” within their title have gone high in the previous 2 years. The sales of Marijuana in 2016 reached $6.7 billion dollars, representing thirty percent growth year-after-year. Another reports showed that in the US, cannabis is the biggest cash crop and it is an enduring and pervasive section of the nation’s economy. It was also reported to be the quickest growing industry in the US.

The highly famous regions for anyone to begin a cannabis business in the US include Portland, Denver and Los Angeles. Two Canadian regions—Toronto and Vancouver—are also among the best ten cities to start this business.

Virtual Reality Business

Virtual reality has become more mainstream and there are so many people joining this business. Businesses which have the name “virtual reality” or “augmented reality” have gone up by 30 percent since 2015. The development of virtual reality has also gone up in major industries for example live events, education, video gaming, healthcare, military, real estate, interactive desktop application, engineering and social VR.

entrepreneur tech startup
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Virtual reality’s development is also expanding in new industries and its market is estimated to get to $485 billion dollars by 2025.

Worldwide, London, Los Angeles and San Francisco are the most highly famous regions for virtual reality businesses. In Europe, Zurich is second and Berlin comes third after London.

Alternative Travel Business

Travelers are always looking forward to new experiences, from recreational vehicles to Airbnb and from boutique hotels to voluntourism. Businesses which have the name “airbnb”, “van rental”, “camper van” and “boutique hotel” have gone up by 27 percent within the last 2 years and have increased by 211 percent since 2013.

Worldwide, London, Austin and San Francisco are the most famous regions for alternative travel businesses. In Europe, London is on top and Berlin, Paris and Bristol follow.

Space Business

In recent years, billionaires and private companies have assumed the duties of launching satellites and astronauts, constructing space hotels and even pursuing the goal of travelling to Mars. Space business can be a highly profitable endeavour and anybody can become a space entrepreneur.

entrepreneur tech startup
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Several space startups have been launched in the US and other places lately. This has created a market for mini rockets and small satellites which cost very little compared to the ones used in state projects. This new industry has been estimated to be worth billions of dollars and it is attracting companies that see a chance to use available resources. Moreover, this field is gaining momentum all over the world—for example, in Ukraine, where a new branch of FireFly Aerospace by Max Polyakov recently launched.


These are a few of the leading, innovative, fast-growing industries for 2018. If you are an upcoming entrepreneur who wants to change the world, consider starting a business in any of these prominent industries.

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