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The Power of Quality Content to Accelerate Your Marketing Game

Jeff Bullas, a digital marketing expert, once said, “Quality content enables you to create a bond with your audience that goes beyond the simplistic purpose of buying and selling.”

Defining Quality Content

The rate with which the digital media is evolving is not only astonishing, but it is giving some serious goose-bumps to the current marketers with the way it is varying. Not only that, with the maturation of the apps, tools and other resources for digital marketing, the business is finding new ways to reach to the audience. The current way that has taken the market by storm is content. Everyone knows that quality content is king.

B2C content marketing

The figure above highlights the importance of a quality content strategy for small, medium or large businesses. Content delivers a variety of benefits with a relatively low cost.

The key is creating the right content—quality content. You may ask, “What defines ‘quality content’ and how does it accelerate business?” Imagine watching an advertisement which has an engaging punch line that lures customers to know more or to seek more, and on other side imagine an ad that has no great punch line. Which advertisement will you remember the most? You will remember the former one, right? That is what separates quality content from just plain content and why quality content is a core of every marketing program.

With the evolution of digital marketing, the marketing dynamics and algorithms have changed considerably—with more than 50 percent of businesses realizing how important content is in the marketing game. Here are just a few of the advantages that quality content offers:

  1. Targeting the right market
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Increase in sales
  4. Revenue generation
  5. Brand awareness
  6. Boost online visibility

The current hype around content is driving everyone to try their hands at content marketing and investing in the tools and resources to create it. Content is the backbone of any marketing and advertising program. It enlightens people about what the company is offering and how can it help them. That is why there’s a relatively direct path from quality content to increased customer engagement.

Content is an elaborate way of letting people know what the company’s agenda is and why the company, product or service being marketed is the exact thing that they are looking for. Good content may be popular and go viral—possibly even spawning new slang terms or catch phrases. Quality content, however, goes a step beyond just popular or creating positive word-of-mouth advertising to drive action by the customer. The goal isn’t to change pop culture with a new catch-phrase. The goal is to drive and grow the business.

Quality content leads people—myself included—to try new products or services. It has been psychologically and scientifically proven that the hype generated by quality content can persuade people to try out the product once. Whether or not they buy it again or continue to be a customer is a function of how well the product or service actually delivers on the promises from the marketing content.

When good content generates a positive response, it is shared on social media circles, which expands the audience and increases its reach. This organic spread of the content helps it reach more prospects and customers.

Creating Quality Content

Businesses around the world use content as a core element of their digital marketing strategies. Those that aren’t will be forced to develop content as well or risk being left in the dust. Content for the sake of content isn’t enough, though. In order to achieve success with content marketing, there are certain principles and best practices that should be followed.

Businesses and marketing experts who have been successful with content marketing have streamlined the process and developed “cheat codes”—tips and tricks to help turn regular content into quality content:

  1. Stick to the point. Content should be engaging and entertaining but should focus on the core action or message you want to convey.
  2. Be concise. Your content should get to the point. If the content beats around the bush and doesn’t clearly describe the message or action you want from the reader, it is a waste of time.
  3. Target your audience. Analyze the right market to target for your product or service, and then frame the content with that audience in mind. Focus on what unique thing you will offer them and how, and then mold your content around how your offers are different than the offers given by your competitors.
  4. Use the right platforms. Identify the channels you will be promoting the content on- The different platforms have different conventions and audiences, so you need to figure out which platforms are right for your business. What works on one platform may not work on another—so it’s also important to tailor your content and your messaging for the platform.
  5. Make it engaging. After analyzing the right market and the medium you will be promoting it on, put your entire focus on how you can make it engaging—and for that you need to research. Study your audience to understand what they want and what they need. You need to understand the values of your audience and what drives them to action.
  6. It must be relevant. Your content marketing should be relevant. Focus on current headlines, upcoming events, or other things that will make the content enticing for your audience.

Combine Marketing and Content Effectively

Marketing efforts and quality content go together like wine and cheese—helping you propel your marketing objectives and aims. The tips and guidance above provides you with a formula you can use to turn your content into quality content and make it a key component of a successful digital marketing strategy.

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