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Top 10 iPhone Apps that Will Reshape the Market

The iOS app store can be overcrowded in some sectors which can, at times, make it difficult to find apps that will benefit the user daily. Every so often, a new iOS app is released that hits a new market or revolutionizes a current one. Here’s a look at 10 iPhone apps that have reshaped the market and might even change the way you use your phone.


Friends and family all enjoy sitting down for a meal together in a nice restaurant, but it can quickly turn unpleasant when the bill comes, and people haven’t paid what they owe. To avoid a 20-minute argument and someone overpaying, the app Tab, makes the whole process simple. By taking a picture of the receipt, the app then processes the different items for the individuals in the group and also considers the tax and tip. You can share the receipt with others to makes sure everyone has been accounted for the correct food, which won’t sit well with the person trying to dodge the bill.

Tab iOS appSplitWise

A similar concept to Tab that you can use in everyday life. Friends that live with each other will really see the benefit of using the app when splitting bills and household charges. The app keeps track up until your selected date, at that point, it identifies who owes who money. It might be something you can keep track of on your notes option normally, but having an app to calculate it all, makes it much easier.

Splitwise iOS appAgenda

Featured in the Apple design awards, Agenda is a note-taking app that works perfectly on Mac and iOS devices. The date orientated app makes organizing notes much easier, and the app can be used on a professional level when compared to the standard Apple notes app. The app takes it to the next level with is the ability to be formatted as a PDF file and other text types, making this app much more than a phone novelty.

My Fitness Pal

An app to encourage weight loss by helping you keep track of everything. It’s a calorie counting iOS app that you can even take pictures of barcodes with, and it will provide you with nutritional facts about that product. Naturally, you can also keep track of weight and sets goals to hit. The app also gets smarter and will begin to advise you on what food to have and what to avoid to lose weight best.

My Fitness Pal iOS appSweatCoin

If weight loss and fitness aren’t the best motivational tool for you to workout, then SweatCoin might be your new favorite iOS app. Sweatcoin rewards its users that exercise with gift cards, gadgets and other novelties, and best of all it’s free to use. The reviews for the app have proved its success; people are too curious to receive rewards for their hard work which also benefits their fitness and wellbeing.

Sweatcoin iOS appSmartGlass – XBOX

The Smartglass app can be used with different devices, but with the XBOX, you can see its full potential. XBOX users have always said the navigation of the device could at times, prove to be difficult. Smartglass lets you use your XBOX’s more annoying apps efficiently, being able to communicate with friends and navigate through options via your phone.


A music app that is proving to be much smarter than the likes of Apple music and Spotify. Pandora uses music science to create around a song or artist, you then tell the app whether you like it or not and it continues to tailor the music. Spotify does offer a service that suggests music for you, but Pandora takes it to another level and doesn’t just offer generic options to try, it learns to a new level.

Pandora iOS appEnlight

A photo editing app that uses the full potential of Apple devices CPU, which makes it one of the most powerful photos tools to use on iOS. When using more recent Apple products (iPhone 7 or later), the app uses the full-color gamut on the display for accurate photo editing. The variety of options on the app is also one of the most complexed on the market, making it the first choice for a lot of photographers on the move. Enlight sets the standard in the photo editing market, which other apps are struggling to compete with.


A social media app perfect for watching YouTube videos with friends. By simply signing into your Google account, you find your online friends and watch videos together, while doing so, you can send each other emoji’s to show you react to different videos, it becomes a lot of fun quickly and is making the “tagging on Facebook” trend obsolete.


If the thought of downloading all these different apps is making you feel queasy, the Forest iOS app might be able to help. Forest is an app design to help you use your phone less and makes you engage with the world around you more. The app works by growing a plant when you aren’t active on your phone, so the less you use your phone throughout the day, the more your plant can grow into something bigger (a forest maybe). The app can be made competitive between you and your friends, and you can compare how well you’ve done!

The advancements in iOS app development have led to real breakthroughs in how some of these apps can function and use the full potential of the iPhone processor. The majority of apps are designed to make daily tasks more manageable, and some are novelties you can try and likely enjoy.

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