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Why Voice Control Should Be Every App Developer’s Focus

The last couple of years within technology and development have drastically set up the bar high for the future of a segment which changes almost on a daily basis: from data to automated features, technology as a whole has recently witnessed the rise of voice for both search purposes and user experience, especially on mobile. Let’s analyze why voice engagement and control should be the pivotal part of every app development project, this 2020.

Integration With AI

2018 and 2019 were the years in which AI interfaces like Alexa, Siri and Google Home took places within home assistance. A sector which was seen as a mere “plus” has evolved into a billion-dollar worth industry, with dozens and dozens of smaller indie competitors. The integration of voice with such devices led app developers in the UK to significant investments in regard to voice integration, effectively increasing the awareness of technology-related development routes which are explicitly focusing on voice integration and control.

voice control search interactive Agile

Voice Control Perfectly Integrates with Agile

As many of you may be aware of, Agile has recently surpassed Waterfall in regard to project management routes within the mobile field. With this in mind, and given how predominant user accessibility and testing is, it’s very important to understand the fact that adding voice-related features within any form of app development is ideal if your company is Agile-oriented. The competitiveness of the matter, combined with the fact that it heavily boosts user experience on mobile, is extremely important and there’s no point why it shouldn’t be included in every form of software, app and native web app development.

voice control search interactive Agile

Why Voice Will Be the Next Search Engine

The usage of voice has been heavily connected to search engines. Let’s take Siri as the easiest example: “Hey Siri, where can I find the closest pub?”. This, in the nearest future, is very likely to become an industry standard, with companies like Google moving “voice optimization” towards their top ranking and UX priority. Is mandatory, if you work in digital marketing, SEO or anything else marketing-related, to optimize your content towards voice-friendliness.

voice control search interactive Agile

To Conclude

The usage of voice is still at an embryonic stage even if the technology itself improved massively. In the next couple of years, the usage of Python and AI-related libraries for voice-oriented results will definitely become the foundation of the majority of dev teams.

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