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Three Revolutionary Home IoT Technologies

Much vaunted by technologists the world over, the internet of things (IoT) is now becoming the standard in many American houses. There are now over 208 IoT companies dedicated to home solutions in the US alone, with many hundreds more across the world. This has seen an explosion in the amount of technology and variety available to the average person. Some of these technologies are truly transformative, and allow homeowners a greater degree of control and flexibility than ever before.

Farm to mouth food transformation

Food and drink are the most rudimentary of human requirements, but have a very high ceiling in terms of the enjoyment that can be derived from them. The skills to cook good food are learned, and many people are just too busy to commit. This is where some of the latest IoT technology is helping out. The University of East Anglia, UK, has released a study that found smart technology in the family home can lead to intuitive food ordering and, even, cooking devices that will prepare complex meals with the user only needing to provide the ingredients. This will help to improve nutrition, save time and ease modern life.

Furthermore, it’s arguable that such devices will help to aid accessibility. Smart devices provide the means for those who are differently abled to enjoy a greater quality of life. This extends to a greater range of recipes and techniques.

Micro transformation devices

One of the problems with IoT is that it relies on exceptional connectivity. Furthermore, it often demands that appliances are replaced entirely, at a high cost. Conversely, IoT has provided solutions to turn older appliances into smart ones. This starts with the popular Amazon Dash Button, an instant ordering device that could be placed around the house. Today, manufacturers are using MQTT—a machine-to-machine IoT connectivity protocol—to craft devices that can turn appliances like the your washing machine into smart-controlled, automated devices. Expect such retro-fit devices to expand in number and use over the years.

Bringing your house together

The average home will teem with smart devices as technology advances – Forbes estimate up to 12 gadgets per home. Integration is key to ensure that the IoT enables homes, rather than turning them into a clunky mishmash of tech. Forbes has suggested that one of the key areas is through ensuring all of your technology is talking and maintaining the physical security of your home with the responsibilities it holds.

There are increasingly intuitive ways to find this level of integration. Take, for example, Misty II. Acting as a bridge between all of the smart devices in the house and as a greeter for guests, it also acts as a smart hub, providing searches and other functionality.

The smart home is the home of the future. From slow beginnings, the IoT revolution is starting to take hold and it should make the home better for everyone. Keep your eyes open—it’s likely there’ll be even more stunning and futuristic items invented.

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  1. Interesting read. This is quite true that IoT has made a big move towards smart home solutions. Most of the companies have started and are now expediting towards bringing intelligent devices for homes that will help in making our lives smarter.

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