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Mu6label: The AI-Powered Device That Helps You Learn Guitar

Music AI Tech is launching the mu6label: an AI-powered device that can teach you guitar. By simply attaching it to your instrument, the mu6label acts just like a real teacher. It listens to you play and provides feedback and suggestions to improve your performance. This handy device is also packed with a host of helpful features created to take the frustration and hassle out of lessons. Ultimately, the mu6label is designed to take players from novice to at least intermediate and potentially even advanced.

Making it easier to teach yourself guitar

The mu6label was designed as a solution to the common problems experienced by budding guitar players. As many as 16 million Americans started learning how to play guitar in the last two years, according to PR Newswire. 52% of novices dedicated at least two hours or less to practice every week, although they believe at least four hours of practice per week for around one to two years is the minimum requirement to finally become a good player. However, although many players opt to learn with a guitar teacher, sessions are obviously standalone; tuition isn’t available around the clock. As such, this can lead to various problems that slow down progress – for example, if a player picks up a bad technique in between lessons, this habit can be hard to break.

The cost of guitar lessons can also add up fast. Although prices can vary depending on the instructor’s experience, rates, and location, you can expect to pay anywhere between $20 to $50 for a half-hour lesson, while a one-hour lesson can range from $40 to $100. As such, budding guitar players are increasingly choosing to forgo lessons and teach themselves. Not only can teaching yourself guitar save money, but it’s also a fun and rewarding way to learn. With consistency and dedication, players can teach themselves at least to the intermediate level.

Compact and versatile

Set in a flexible silicone casing, the device easily attaches to the guitar via sticky, silicone gel (there’s, therefore, no need for a magnet or adhesive). Two high-resolution, 240 x 280-pixel color touch screens then display information to help you on your learning journey. It’s compact and versatile – you no longer have to set up multiple bits of equipment in order to get your practice in. The mu6label also helps players learn chord-based songs either by displaying on-screen tabs, or by selecting a special learning mode. You can also slow and speed up the tempo as needed until you get the hang of a certain tune. Additionally, the riff solo mode is also available to help you master riffs; this feature guides you through riffs step-by-step, showing you exactly where to place your fingers. It’s particularly beneficial for visual learners who do best seeing riffs as shapes. And the long-lasting battery provides up to 15 hours of playtime in between charges.

Advanced AI algorithms

One of the mu6label’s standout features is the advanced AI algorithms that listen as you play and point out any problems, mistakes, or bad techniques before providing tips and exercises to help improve your performance. For instance, it can call attention to wrong notes and pinpoint the underlying cause of your mistakes. Additionally, the mu6label also offers a host of other cool features, including a model scales map, chord library, customizable rhythm generator, and versatile metronome, as well as tuners for guitars with between four and seven strings. There are even humidity and temperature sensors that alert you when conditions are no longer optimal for the health of your guitar. The tuning feature, in particular, is incredibly precise; it plays each string sequentially, allowing you to easily make adjustments as needed. Or, if time is of the essence, all the strings can also be tuned at the same time, therefore allowing you to get back to your lesson as fast as possible.

Although the mu6label can be used effectively alone, it also features Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity and is also compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Undoubtedly, with this innovative AI-powered device, learning the guitar is set to become easier than ever before.

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