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Why Amazon’s Smart Technology Is a Game-Changer for At-Home Mobility

As of the latest estimate, 48.9 million people live with at least one disability in the U.S. In addition to specific technologies that are intended to assist those with various conditions, smart technology is rapidly changing the way that at-home accessibility can be managed. Cameras, voice-enabled products, and robotic technology have provided more ways to do a variety of tasks. From cleaning the house to accepting a package, the possibilities have truly become endless.

In particular, Amazon has pioneered a new way of living for those with and without disabilities through the use of smart technology. Although many may think of these exciting new technologies (such as in-home delivery systems) as a luxury, there are many more significant uses. Explore the specific ways in which Amazon’s smart technology is rapidly becoming a game-changer for those with mobility challenges.

Making home life as tech based as possible

Unlike many other companies who offer various smart tech products, Amazon has proven that they have an ongoing commitment to the development of these technologies. This past week alone, Amazon announced its acquisition of Wi-Fi device maker Eero. With continued announcements of products that help make life more automated, those who have mobility challenges can rely on the company to continue inventing smart ways of overcoming current barriers. As a result, the future of at-home mobility solutions is found in Amazon’s continued passion for creating accessible smart home technology.

Many tasks are easier to perform than ever before

In the last few years, Amazon has launched smart technology that has made it easier than ever before to perform many household tasks. Some examples include the Echo and Alexa devices (which allow you to control your music, ask for the time, order products with your voice alone, and do much more), as well as new delivery technology (which eliminates the need to go out of one’s home to get a package). Despite the apparent convenience that these technologies provide to some consumers, they serve as crucial devices for those who have limited mobility and other disabilities. Those who could not previously perform certain tasks can now do so on their own.

Amazon’s smart technology is highly accessible

When it comes to many tech products, a certain degree of tech-savviness must be employed to use each device. However, once an individual has moved beyond initial setup, all of Amazon’s products are shockingly accessible. With basic smartphone/tablet skills and the simple use of one’s voice, these smart technologies can be used to make household tasks achievable for those with mobility limitations.

What will this year bring for Amazon’s smart technology? While awaiting the next announcement, it’s crucial to recognize how essential their innovations have become in terms of improving at-home life for those with mobility challenges. Between ordering groceries and necessities, to reducing the need to get up to complete a task, it is thrilling to see the positive implications of their existing smart devices.

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