Gaze Pad Pro Qi wireless charging mouse pad

Review: Gaze Pad Pro

At first glance, the Gaze Pad Pro from Gaze Labs looks like a standard mouse pad. For the most part it is a mouse pad, really–but it’s an awesome mouse pad. The Gaze Pad Pro is a mouse pad with a wireless charger built in.

Pros of the Gaze Pad Pro

The Gaze Pad Pro can wirelessly charge any Qi wireless charging-enabled device. I used it to keep my iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and my Apple Airpods with wireless charging case charged while I was sitting at my desk, working on my computer.

Cons of the Gaze Pad Pro

There isn’t much that sets this apart from competing products. It’s like pretty much every other wireless charging pad out there on the market. Like most wireless chargers (so not limited to just this device) there is a small area where a device has to be positioned just right in order to connect and charge. If you bump or just slightly move the device it stops charging.

It would be awesome to have the entire pad be a charger rather than just certain dedicated spots. Then it would be a wireless charging mouse pad that will actually ensure devices stay charged all the time while on the pad.

Gaze Pad Pro Options and Specs

The Gaze Pad Pro is available in a few different colors: Black, Brown, Grey, Midnight Blue.

I personally have a few of these devices. My wife and I each have one that sits at our computer desks all the time and then we each have one in our respective travel bags with our laptops. They are light weight so they travel easy.

There is no hefty power brick to worry about, either. You use the included USB cable and just connect it to an available USB port on your PC.

The Verdict

Minor issues with finding the right sport to charge notwithstanding, this is an excellent device–particularly for the price. It is available from Amazon Prime for a mere $39.00. I highly recommend this device.

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