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Qualys Brings Global IT Asset Discovery and Inventory App to Federal Government

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There has been an increased focus this year on asset inventory and the idea that you can’t have effective cybersecurity if you don’t even have an accurate picture of the devices and applications in your environment. That’s true for organizations of any size and in any industry—especially government agencies that typically have a larger bullseye on their back and minimal budgets to defend themselves. To help government agencies out, Qualys announced today that its Global IT Asset Discovery and Inventory app is now available for the Federal government market—and that all proceeds from selling the app to federal agencies will be donated to a qualifying charity that supports US veterans.

Accurate Asset Inventory is Crucial

It seems cliché, but the fact is that you can’t protect what you can’t see. Actually, maybe you can protect it by “accident” through mitigating technologies and security controls you have in place, but you can’t say with confidence that something is adequately protected if you don’t even know it exists.

Effective cybersecurity requires having the ability to determine the relative risk your networks, servers, applications, and data are exposed to, and the context of the inherent value or impact of those assets and any other mitigating controls that might be in place. Visibility and context enable you to properly prioritize so you can employ limited cybersecurity resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Global IT Asset Discovery and Inventory app is built on the Qualys FedRAMP-authorized cloud platform, and uses a combination of cloud agents, scanners, and passive network scanners to collect and analyze data about assets across complex, hybrid cloud environments. It automates and normalizes the inventory data to provide a simple, single source of truth for asset data that the IT, cybersecurity, and compliance teams can trust.

Qualys Donating Profit to Veterans Charities

Qualys is partnering with Carahsoft Technology to make the Global IT Asset Discovery and Inventory app available to Federal government customers for $99 per year, regardless of the number of devices in the environment.

Craig P. Abod, president of Carahsoft Technology Corp, explained, “The Qualys Global IT Asset Inventory app allows Federal administrators and security teams to enjoy the heightened visibility and peace of mind that comes with using a solution available through a FedRAMP-authorized platform.”

Qualys has also committed to donate all proceeds from the sale of Global IT Asset Discovery and Inventory to federal agencies to a qualifying veteran’s charity.

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