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Traveling Sales Is Boosted by New On-Road Tech

The traveling salesperson is a well-known figure on America’s roads, and while the terminology might have changed – you’ll likely be more familiar with remote sales reps, for instance – the job hasn’t and is, in fact, growing. According to CNBC, traveling sales people can expect to earn a decent salary in some marketing-led areas, with sales coming in close. A big reason behind this renewed interest in sales is the newly found ease of operation that technology has provided. All of the inconveniences of life on the road are being eradicated, from the simple ability to maintain a vehicle with ease through to automating everything but the job itself.

Wear and tear

Predictably, a traveling sales rep will spend a significant amount of time on the road. According to Forbes, up to 65% of their working time can be spent on the move – and that creates a huge amount of strain on their vehicle. Previously, maintenance and mechanic stop for small problems could cause a huge dent in the earnings and overall productivity of a rep. This has changed as more and more information has become available on the internet, and now, traveling sales reps have the opportunity to manage their own issues on the road. For instance, smaller issues such as a damaged spark plug can be resolved easily by accessing the internet. There are numerous apps which provide high-level mechanical help, in turn dispelling some of the mystery around mechanical repair knowledge and enabling reps to be more self-sufficient.

Electric vehicles

Removing much of the need for maintenance entirely is the electric vehicle. In fact, as outlined by the Washington Post, the lack of breakdowns has led some communities to fear for the future of car mechanics. Most recently, electric car companies have debuted new levels of safety features that are utilizing smart tech, such as that found in your handheld devices and by on-board computing, to provide new levels of safety. According to the Detroit Free Press, companies are now stocking up on safety patents that are making electric vehicles the prime choice for safety on the road. For salespeople spending the majority of their time behind the wheel, this is a much-needed improvement to their day and provides the foundation on which tech can help them to complete their work.

Productivity while driving

Without smart technology, drivers were either confined to the simple act of driving, either due to safety or the fact that their work could only be taken at the place of sale. With smart technology, this has changed. Smart assistants allow salespeople to conduct business entirely via their voice. According to AI startup Voicebot, one startup is seeking to make a car a mobile office by connecting every aspect of the drive and day to day life via voice activation inside the vehicle. Through this, remote salespeople will have a far easier and more productive time on the road.

Traveling sales still goes on every single day in the USA. As people entirely reliant on their cars, any sort of improvement in technology goes a long way. Through smart tech, huge strides are being made every year.

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