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Top 5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch For in 2020

With one particular virus hogging the limelight at the moment, cybersecurity concerns seem to come in a distant second. Unfortunately, cybercriminals don’t seem to be taking a sick day. In this post, we’ll go over the top 5 cybersecurity trends keeping the internet safe in 2020.

1. Security and Data Science – A Match made in Heaven?

We’ll have to see about this one, but it makes sense. AI models rely on large amounts of data for efficiency. Companies have consequently been gathering data by any means necessary. And, as the Avast scandal proved, not always ethically.

This year we’ll see the regulations tightening on how personal data is handled. Data scientists are hard at work to determine ways to gather and store big data sets ethically.

2. Ransomware Makes Coronavirus Worse

Last year we saw ransomware taking on big industries and also governments and healthcare facilities. Bad actors are taking things to the next level through collaborative partnerships.

Brace yourself for more intensive attacks and a new modus operandi. Instead of just encrypting your data, bad actors are now also threatening to sell it or disclose it. It seems that cybercriminals also value the ability to multitask, and they’re now extorting even higher ransoms.

As the Coronavirus crisis drags on, we can expect them to intensify their attacks on vital service providers. Robust ransomware protection is more critical than ever.

3. An Increase in Deepfake Attacks

Cybersecurity measures are improving, thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Companies are incorporating machine learning into their programs with the idea of counteracting human error. We’re not quite at a point where machines can combat all cybercrime on their own, but we’re going to see significant advances in this direction.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are getting in on the act as well. Last year we saw what can only be the first of many deepfake attacks.

This time, though, instead of using AI to put a new face on the bad actor’s message, AI gave it a unique voice. A CEO in the United Kingdom transferred the sum of $243,000 on verbal instruction from his boss in Europe.

The catch? It wasn’t his boss on the line, but rather a clever deepfake. He was none the wiser until the scammers tried to get him to make a second transfer.

4. An Increase in Attacks on Managed Service Providers

SaaS has transformed the way that we conduct business. Hackers have taken advantage of this. By breaching the service provider, they’re got easy access to companies using these remote services.

Companies using these services should shore up their onsite defenses by using additional security like multi-factor authentication.

On the bright side, this was something that everyone saw coming. So expect to see more robust security measures in the works.

5. Companies Will Guard Our Data More Zealously

Move over Bitcoin; data is the new cryptocurrency of choice. Data’s value is far less volatile, and there’s a ready market for it. As a result, attacks on companies will continue to intensify. Private companies of all sizes will need to up their cybersecurity game.

A significant danger here is the migration of many companies to a remote working model. When the Corona crisis is over, many companies will likely adopt this model on a more permanent basis. Firms must ensure that their workers have access to secure online communications and devices.

Final Notes on Cybersecurity for 2020

2020 has already been a bumpy year. Buckle up – we’ll see some nasty firsts in cybercrimes this year too. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Cybersecurity firms have taken up the challenge and will come up with some firsts of their own.

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