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The Most Popular Gadgets for Golfers

Golf might not seem like a sport that could be particularly enhanced by gadgets. I mean it’s one that’s existed since 15th Century Scotland and in that time the way it’s played really hasn’t changed all that much.

And they most definitely didn’t have any fancy gadgets back then. But like any other sport, getting really good at golf requires quite a lot of time, patience and most importantly, you need practice.

And while you can’t really rely on any gadgets when you’re actually out there on the course, there are certain things that many golfers are using these days to work on their technique and enhance their skill set.

Here’s three of the more popular ones which might be useful for you too:

SKLZ Smart Gloves

One thing that’s extremely important for you when you’re striking the ball is that your wrists are in the correct position. Mastering your swing is essential and your left wrist needs to be held very firm at the moment of the swing or else your impact will be inhibited.

The glove has a plastic insert which acts as a rigid wrist guide and when in use it can help you practice proper hinge and release to ensure that you are consistent with your accuracy and your wrist position.

The insert is removable too so you can practice without it after you’ve worked on perfecting your swing.

Garmin Approach Golf GPS Watch

You’re probably already familiar with Garmin. They are one of the leading names in GPS tracking and their satellite navigation systems for cars have been very popular around the world for years.

The same technology is in play in this GPS Watch for golfers. This watch has over 40,000 commonly played courses preloaded, and you can use it to get all the information you need about course layouts, hazards and layups.

It also has an AutoShot feature which measures shot distances and shot locations. It makes it significantly easier to understand and familiarize yourself with courses and it’s all available in this small and stylish watch.

Tectectec Golf Rangefinder

Similar in some ways to the previous entry, this product is another one which can help you to get a sense of the course and it’s layout, but it offers you a much more immediate solution and can scan courses in real time.

You can use this to look at the course ahead of you through an ultra-clear lens and its pin-sensor technology will analyze the environment with extreme accuracy. Giving you a good indication of all of the flag locations, wooded areas and hazards.

So none of this technology is going to make you a better golfer in the sense that you are going to have to do less practice, but these gadgets should aid you in the process of developing and honing your skills.

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