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Tom Garrison Discusses Preventing Exploits with Intel CET

TechSpective Podcast Episode 049

Malware is a massive problem that costs businesses around the world billions of dollars every year. Much of the effort to fight malware is a simple game of cat and mouse where attackers find a weakness and develop an exploit, security vendors and application developers implement solutions to prevent that exploit, and attackers come up with a new way to circumvent protection. That will probably always be the case to some extent because there is no such thing as perfect or absolute security. However, there is a way to dramatically reduce the threat by preventing the actions necessary to execute the exploit at the chip level. That is where Intel CET comes in.

Tom Garrison, Vice President and General Manager of Client Security Strategy & Initiatives at Intel, recently joined me on the TechSpective podcast to talk about the challenges organizations face dealing with malware threats, and how Intel Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (Intel CET) can help prevent entire categories of common attacks.

Because of how pervasive Intel technology is throughout  technology, Intel is in a unique position to be able to impact malware execution on a massive scale. Microsoft has also joined the battle, pledging to incorporate support for Intel CET into Windows 10 with Hardware-Enforced Stack Protection.

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