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6 Useful Software Tools for Construction Businesses

If you run a construction company, you are likely looking for the tools that can help you operate more smoothly and profitably. Just like on the construction site, having the right tools for your back office is essential to your success. The following six types of software can help ensure the lasting success of your construction business.

1) Building Information Modeling

Building information modeling helps with generating and managing the physical and functional characteristics of a building. This can be helpful no matter what type of project you are working on. For new construction, it can help with providing a valuable design for the building. For renovations or completed projects, it can help with managing, upgrading and repairing them.

One of the key advantages of BIM software is that it is increasingly standardized. This means that information can be shared quite easily.

2) Estimating Software

Your business absolutely needs estimating software. This will help you to create proposals and estimates for your potential clients much more easily. Estimation can be one of the most important but also the most challenging aspects of running a successful business. You want to give realistic estimates, but you often need to outbid other companies.

The right software can help ensure that you have all your bases covered. It can also speed up the process. In many cases, submitting the first estimate can be the key to securing the contract.

3) Accounting Software

Naturally, keeping track of your books is an important part of running any business. You will need to have good financial records for your construction business to ensure profitability and effectively monitor your financial health.

In a business that is relatively seasonal, good accounting can make all the difference in the world. It can also give you a lot of insight that is helpful for making strategic decisions about your business. Plus, if you ever need to pursue an investment or a loan, you will need your financial statements.

4) Mobile Time Tracking

Most construction businesses pay their team members by the hour and/or need to track hours for overtime and job costing. However, keeping track of time can be difficult, especially if you have multiple sites. Fortunately, mobile timecard calculator software makes it easier.

With this, you can track your people’s time by having them press a button on a mobile app. Additionally, you can track GPS data to associate clocking in with certain sites. It makes things easier for back end management and people working in the field.

5) Digital Workflow Tools

Most construction projects involve a variety of paperwork. This may include plans for the project, task lists and reports. Digitizing your workflows can make them significantly easier to manage and track. Better yet, if you have mobile software for overseeing workflows, your people in the field can check plans and file reports without easy user interfaces.

Every minute that your people are spending on paperwork, they aren’t working on your project. So, while workflows are essential to organized progress, it is also beneficial to make them as streamlined as possible.

6) Job Site Data Collection

Capturing information from job sites is a key part of tracking and managing the progress of your projects. For example, you may have people submit photographs of completed tasks. These need to be well-organized for future reference.

Additionally, you will typically have managers in the field submit reports about the day’s progress. This all should be organized in software for reporting. The more centralized and organized your data collection process, the easier it will be to reference, evaluate and understand later.

Find the Right Software for Your Business

Discover more about how software can help your construction business to succeed. The right tools in the right hands can make all the difference in the world. So, invest some time in finding the right software for your needs. It will be worth it to enhance your business growth.

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