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5 Pieces of Technology That Will Transform the Way You Travel

There are two types of people: those who love to travel and those who haven’t traveled yet. If you aren’t already an avid traveler, it’s time to start getting out into the world. Technology has come a long way to help you make these trips both safe and convenient. Depending on the type of travel you’re pursuing, there are new tools and ways to improve your experience. Transform your next vacation with these five tech devices.

Extra Charge

No matter where you go, losing access to your phone or tablet is not a realistic option. Fortunately, there are solutions to maintaining charge when on the go. Solar panels may not be anything new, but they now come in convenient easy to transport sizes. Solar chargers can be the difference between an operating phone for a week-long vacation or rationing phone time to maintain battery life. For those looking for a purse-sized solution, battery packs can now multiply charges, giving you more juice for your trip. These small, portable devices offer different benefits to change how you experience your adventures.


Traveling can be tiring, and you need a way to relax after a day of touring. While watching local channels can be fun for a short bit; unless you speak the language, it grows old quickly. Fortunately, streaming devices are here to add fun to your vacation. You have a few options to choose from, allowing you to watch your favorite movies and shows no matter where your travels take you. Before you go, check that you have an extra travel adapter so that you can charge your phone while you watch. And don’t forget to have a few movies or shows downloaded in advance, just in case.

Smart Technology

Picture this, you are waiting in the airport to board the flight, and the only outlets are crowded with fellow travelers. Rather than waiting around for an open spot, simply bring your bags to a bar or café and plug your device into your luggage. With a smart suitcase, this can be your experience no matter where you are. Stop dealing with the hassle of finding your battery pack or waiting for an available plug; bring the power with you wherever you go. When choosing which bag is right for you, be sure to check that the battery is removable, in case you need to check it before boarding.

Photo Tools

Taking the perfect vacation photo is a goal for many. Unfortunately, depending on how much you trust both the kindness and talent of strangers, getting this picture can be a real challenge. Thankfully, drone technology has come a long way to help you capture the perfect moment on your trip. Whether getting off your transatlantic cruise for a short-day trip or heading for a swim, by using drone technology, you can capture your favorite moments quickly and easily. Alternatively, you can create a video diary documenting your trip. Don’t forget to review local laws and regulations before you take-off to ensure that your drone is permitted at your destination.

Improved Connectivity

When on the road, staying connected with your friends and loved ones is essential. But it’s not just connection that matters; access to tools like maps or a translator can make a trip safer and easier. Mobile and portable hotspots are there for you to provide the internet connection you need when traveling. These small devices pack a lot of power, giving you faster speeds and better security longer. If you are having difficulty choosing which one is right for you, start by looking at the size, battery life and whether it supports a MicroSD card. All of these features have their benefits, so pick the one that serves your needs best.

If you haven’t already been bitten by the travel bug, with these tech tools by your side, you’ll never want to stay home again. Just don’t forget your passport!

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