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3 Ways to Safely Carry Your Technology

In this modern world, individuals have pieces of technology in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some devices are more-or-less the same, like cell phones and laptops, but devices can range from game consoles, to electronic instruments, to DSLR cameras, to speakers. The list goes on. Depending on the device, keeping it safe while carrying it around might be a real challenge. Here are a few ideas for how to keep your technology safe while on the go.

One Size Fits Most

If you’ll be carrying one of a few small or medium-sized devices, a reusable tote bag is a good place to start. Totes are generally made from a soft fabric that will be gentle on any of your devices’ plastic shells or screens. Some bags may be constructed from materials that are softer than others. For example, canvas bags are sturdy but can be a bit rough to the touch, while organic cotton bags have more give to them but are typically softer. The size and loose form of a tote makes it great for storing devices of odd shapes. Since there is no predetermined form to a tote bag, it can be reused over and over for many different kinds of devices. If you will be carrying your device around a lot, you will also want to consider weight. Tote bags are very lightweight and will not add much burden to physically holding your device. Lastly, totes are a very inexpensive carrying option which is useful if you’re on a budget. Overall, totes make a great option for transporting your technology due to their versatility, low weight, soft material, and inexpensive price.

Soft Shell

A soft-shelled bag is a rigid, formed bag made from soft materials like foam, silicon, canvas, or other fabrics. Soft-shelled bags are commonly formed into the shape of what they are intended to carry, such as an electric guitar or a specific speaker. They are less versatile than tote bags, but they come with a distinct set of other benefits. For one, they provide better safety to the device that you are carrying. This can be vitally important if you’re transporting a larger object with smaller components inside, such as a desktop computer. The formed fit will keep your device from bouncing around while it is moving. The shell aspect of the case provides protection from bumps and drops. Soft-shelled bags are usually sealed via a zipper or buttons which allows for improved security. These kinds of cases can come waterproofed to allow for protection from the elements. The rigid structure of soft-shelled cases also allows for additional compartments inside of the case to allow for greater separation between your device and its accessories. While it is heavier than a tote, soft-shelled bags are still a relatively lightweight carrying option. Overall, soft-shelled bags are weak in versatility, but provide a good blend of physical protection, security, and manageable weight.

Hard Shell

A hard-shell case is the ultimate protector of technology devices. Hard-shelled cases are formed out of durable materials like hard plastic, rubber, or metal. These cases are only intended to carry one kind of device, which severely limits their versatility. The hard exterior of these kinds of cases protects against all kinds of physical impact damage, like hits, drops, and scratches. This rigid exterior often comes with security methods like clamps and locks which keep your device safe by ensuring the case stays tightly closed. The inside of a hard case will typically be covered in a soft fabric material which cradles the device inside and is gentle on any screens or delicate parts. While luxurious, hard cases can be extremely heavy. They can be awkward to handle and are not ideal to carry around for long periods of time. Overall, high levels of protection and security come at the cost of low versatility and poor handling.

All kinds of device cases exist, from light and versatile to protective and secure. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, so no matter your personal needs, there will certainly be a great option for you!

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