Dell S2722DZ video conferencing monitor

Innovating Home Video Conferencing: Dell’s New 27 Video Conferencing Monitor – S2722DZ

Predictability is a business value largely ignored until unpredictability rears its head. That was a central lesson at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic as thousands of companies and millions of their employees struggled to find, learn and manage predictable solutions for working from home (WFH) and other remote locations. As the pandemic continues, many of those temporary options are becoming permanent parts of workers’ lives.

How are vendors responding? In the case of Dell, the company recently launched five new monitors designed to simplify WFM and other mobile processes and applications. Following are my thoughts on the new Dell 27 Video Conferencing Monitor (S2722DZ) and a few brief comments on the rest of the group.

Predictable value for video conferencing

Dell provided the new Dell 27 Video Conferencing Monitor for review which the company said is an easy-to-use QHD (2560×1440) monitor “made to fit your busy lifestyle.”

Designed for video conferencing solutions, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, calls are enabled with a 5MP camera that pops-up from the top of the display and, when retracted, helps ensure user privacy. In addition, the camera supports facial recognition through Windows Hello for convenient, instant sign-on to Windows.

The monitor includes built-in 5W speakers designed for improved audio clarity, and noise-canceling microphones. AMD’s FreeSync technology and its 75Hz refresh rates make the monitor adequate for casual gaming. Plus, it offers USB-C connectivity for single-cable (video, audio, data and charging) operations, and features TUV-certified ComfortView Plus which reduces blue light emissions.

Design is stylishly modern in an arctic white color that should help the monitor blend in with most room colors and designs. Packaging includes a height-adjustable stand that allows the display to tilt, swivel and pivot into full portrait mode. The monitor can also be attached to a wall with a VESA mount.

In my experience, the Dell 27 Video Conferencing Monitor was easy to setup and use. I like the design aesthetic and the single USB-C cable connection helps reduce desk clutter. It also makes it simple to connect/disconnect my laptop, an important point since I tend to work in different rooms according to the time of day and tasks I’m performing. I especially appreciated the popup camera for simplifying privacy when I’m not on calls and its support for facial recognition/Windows Hello. Additionally, the noise cancelling mics and 5W speakers worked flawlessly.

With a list price starting at $449.99 on, the Dell 27 Video Conferencing Monitor is a terrific, affordable way to improve the video conferencing experience in homes, home offices and similar remote work locations.

Other Dell WFH/mobile displays

The other four new Dell monitors include:

  • Dell S2422HZ Video Conferencing Monitor offers the same core features and functions as the Dell 27 Video Conferencing Monitor but in a smaller (23.8-inch FHD (1920×1080) display form factor. Starting at $299.99 (on
  • Dell S2722DC 4K USB-C and Dell S2722QC 4K USB-C monitors are both higher resolution 27-inch monitors designed to support workstation users, including designers and engineers, as well as media and entertainment. The Dell S2722DC 4k monitor offers 1.77X more screen detail than FHD QHD (2560×1440) resolution. The Dell 2722QC offers 4X more screen detail than FHD with the clarity and color of UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution. Both support USB-C connectivity and 65W of power delivery, simultaneously transmitting power, video, audio and data. Both include 3W built-in speakers and dual HDMI ports, allowing users to easily switch between streaming and gaming. The Dell S2722DC 4K USB-C starts at $329.99 and the Dell S2722QC 4K USB-C starts at $379.99 on
  • Dell C1422H 14-inch portable USB-C monitor is an ultralight (less than 1.5 pounds), ultrathin (less than 0.25 inches) FHD monitor designed to support dual-screen productivity anywhere, including collaboration and presentation use cases. With peak brightness of 300 nits, the Dell C1422H can be used indoors or outside, and the dual USB-C ports on each side allow for enhanced versatility and portability. The continuous tilt stand bends from 10 to 90 degrees, making it simple to set-up, use and pack for travel. The new monitor also supports ComfortView to reduce harmful blue light emissions and ease eye strain. The Dell C1422H 14-inch portable starts at $269.99 on

Final analysis

Dell’s new monitors offer good examples of how a vendor can inject new thinking and incorporate fresh options into commonplace devices, thus improving both performance and customer experience. As a group, these new monitors make the most of current display and USB-C technologies. But the icing on the cake is the inclusion of new features, like the pop-up 5M camera and integrated mics/speakers, and support for facial recognition/Windows Hello on the Dell 27 Video Conferencing Monitor.

In other words, by considering and rethinking the still evolving needs of WFH use cases, Dell has developed innovative solutions that should help predictably enhance the experience and performance of remote employees. These points make the new Dell 27 Video Conferencing Monitor and the other four new solutions in the company’s monitor portfolio well worth the attention and interest of Dell’s business customers and prospects.

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