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Pros and Cons of the 5 Most Popular Cloud Services

Choose Your Cloud Service Providers Wisely

Different cloud service providers offer different benefits to you and your business. Your cloud service provider is essential to your business because this provider holds, manages, and provides safety for your company’s delicate data. Before you make an important decision about a cloud service provider, you do well to compare and contrast the different capabilities and capacities of the different providers. The five most popular cloud service providers are the following: Amazon Web Services or AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba cloud, and Oracle Cloud.

1. AWS


AWS is highly popular because it has an incredible amount of reach when it comes to the services it can provide. With AWS, you can pair tools, management, analytics, and security with a huge array of over 300 instance types. As far as functionality goes, AWS is also on top because it is user-friendly.


The metrics of AWS can be difficult to understand. Apart from that, the price of Amazon Web Services can be hefty. Lastly, it is difficult to move from AWS to a competitor due to its APIs and Property storage solutions. You could easily feel like you are trapped with this service even if a different service better meets your company’s needs.

2. Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure is definitely in the running when it comes to popularity. Azure offers services over a wide variety of categories such as databases, mobile, networking, security storage, and web. The great thing about Azure is that it offers all of Microsoft’s previous products and services to the cloud and cognitive services are one of Microsoft’s most innovative offerings.


Microsoft Azure is complex. If you have a larger company, it is easy to get confused and frustrated. The cloud service requires management and a regulated process that controls its purchasing. Apart from that, the hidden fees that come along with data transfers can be unappealing. One of the other cons is the lack of customer support. This has proven to be a real issue with various Microsoft products.

3. IBM Cloud


IBM Cloud gives great computing services when it comes to small or large businesses. With this system, you have the following services: networking, storage, management, security, database analytics, AI, and much more. With IBM cloud, all your data is stored with the highest and most innovative security measures. Loading time for data is extremely fast, and the service is highly scalable.


Customers complain about the IBM cloud because of its glitchy UI process and search function on the web. Apart from that, its multi-user login can be complicated. IBM cloud has slightly less low coverage than some of its competitors, and it also has fewer products as well.

4. Google Cloud


Google Cloud offers similar services to its competitors. With Google Cloud, you will find services such as storage, compute, identity security, database, and AI. Google Cloud has great durability, and it has affordable pricing.


When it comes to the cons for this cloud service provider, one of the biggest issues is its extremely expensive support fee. It’s around $150 per month for the most basic of services. Apart from that, downloading from Google Cloud is also expensive. Google Cloud’s platform web interface can be confusing, and you can get lost in its browsing menus as well.

5. Oracle Cloud


Oracle Cloud is offered by the Oracle Corporation. This cloud service office computer, storage, networking, database, DNS monitoring, and data management. Oracle offers ease when it comes to scalability and resource provisioning. This service can be used across organizations including SMEs. Oracle Cloud’s system brings automation and ease to a business.


Some of the cons of Oracle are that its integration with other tools it’s not simple. This platform takes time to get used to because it is complicated to navigate. Oracle Cloud is also focused on high-end, so what it offers to low-end can be quite limited. Apart from that, Oracle Cloud has poor performance when it comes to solutions based on .NET.

Make The Best Choice for Your Business

Your company has a wide range of options when it comes to popular cloud services. The competition between AWS vs Azure is quite high, and the lower revenue cloud services also are starting to catch up. You should take into account the services that your company will use the most, and of course, pricing is important. With the number of options that are available to you for cloud services, you are sure to find something that will meet your company’s needs and beyond.

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