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7 Technology Recommendations for Your Business

Technology is a driving force in virtually every type of business. If you are looking for a way to push your business to the next level, learning the technological advancements specific to your industry is important. However, there are some technologies that every business should have regardless of specialty. If you need a place to start, consider these seven tech recommendations.

Digital Collaboration Workspaces

One of the fastest ways to enhance your team collaborations and boost productivity is to create a platform where everyone can share information and work cohesively. A digital workspace brings together your in-house and remote teams for interdepartmental projects. You can code a platform from scratch if you wish, but that can come with many kinks to work out. You can also access a free online database builder that allows you to customize an all-in-one digital workspace that suits your company’s needs.

A Platform to Manage Customer Relationships

Today, companies use a variety of methods to connect with consumers. You have email, chat, reviews, phone and contact forms on your website to keep the lines of communication open. However, it can be a struggle to keep up with it all. There is a number of apps to help you combine your outreach efforts and streamline the process. You can find a customer interaction management platform that will allow you to manage the customer experience more carefully across all your communication methods at once.

Chatbot Automation Technology

Artificial intelligence is advancing almost daily, and businesses can take advantage of automation technology that will enhance operations with real-time data analysis. Live chat is a great way to communicate, but it can be boggled down by wait times and off-hours, which is frustrating for customers. Automation technology, such as Chatbot, offers 24/7 chat assistance with real-time predictive analytics and AI that can process human sentiments and react accordingly.

Email Marketing Software

Email is a timeless marketing strategy. Every business has a database of email contacts for current and potential clients. You use them for your marketing campaigns. However, do you know how well those campaigns are working? Email marketing management software will store and categorize your emails, build campaigns and provide data analysis for kickbacks and subscriptions. You can use this to customize and improve your marketing strategies.

Mobile Applications

Virtually every business has jumped on the mobile application bandwagon. This is an age for mobile commerce. However, while people download applications for everything, they typically only use a small handful of apps on a daily basis. The key to a successful app for your business is to keep it simple. It should provide customers with easy account access, fast customer support and an overview of products and services at a minimum. Contact experts to consider what else you should do with your app.

Advanced Payment Methods

Customers appreciate fast and efficient payment options. If your business primarily conducts transactions via your website, you must consider the availability of different payment methods. Some people are still uncomfortable with providing card and other personal information online. Offering payment through applications such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Shop and Google Pay gives them that extra security.

Cloud Storage

If you are not already using cloud storage, now is the time to make the upgrade. As already discussed, digital workspace is important for collaboration efforts, but you also need a place to safely store data and significant documents that your team needs to routinely access. There are many cloud storage software options that allow you to keep data in one place. Your employees, both in-house and remote, can access the same information simultaneously, improving productivity. Additionally, your customers will appreciate your ability to access the necessary information to assist them quickly.

Of course, there are many other ways that you can streamline operations. Basic tech, such as synced calendar apps, proposal software and free online education are great options for small businesses. What areas of your business are lacking in productivity and need a boost?

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