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Technology Revolutionizing Private Events

Virtual events have increased in popularity by 35% since 2020, while hybrid and in-person events have reduced by 32%—as found in research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute. As is the case with many changes imposed by the pandemic, virtual events are here to stay, since they have a host of benefits—including cost savings and the ability to share vital information and important moments with a wider (and global) audience. If you are currently planning an important event such as a wedding, anniversary, or special birthday, the following technological advances can help make it one to remember.

Livestreaming with a Difference

Couples wishing to share their big day with friends and family who are unable to travel owing to health and other restrictions are doing so in style, by livestreaming weddings with the help of professional videography, advanced video, and top-quality audio. In this way, guests can hear the vows and speeches and view special moments such as the walk down the aisle and the couple’s first dance with crystal-clear clarity. There are many more tech advances for weddings that can make guests from abroad feel more like a part of this meaningful event. These include panoramic video (which enables guests to view literally every spot within the couple’s event space) and tools such as, which enable guests to virtually place themselves in wedding photos even if they were unable to attend. If you want your photos to look really slick, you can try a service such as Outsnapped, which uses artificial intelligence to fit new subjects (people) into existing backgrounds.

3D Event Design

If you are having a big party such as a quinceañera, bar/bat mitzvah, or 50th birthday, then being able to design the event beforehand with absolute precision is key. Today, 3D event design software is being used to position tables and ensure that they are at the right distance from each other. It is also being used to pick the perfect position for features such as photo booths, food stalls, DJs, and buffet tables. Planning an event beforehand ensures that all guests are comfortable, and that staff and guests alike can move freely and safely between different parts of the event hall and outdoor party area.

Gamification as a Form of Entertainment

Imagine you are holding a Game of Thrones or Marvel Universe themed party. To take it to the next level, you may decide to use an event app that enables you to organize games and challenges for your guests. You can immerse specific guests (or teams of guests) in chosen settings and design styles then give them challenges and competitions so they can compete for prizes. Games are ideal for big events such as weddings or themed parties with over 100 people since they help people make new connections and break the ice.

Private individuals are taking their cue from professional events organizers, incorporating new technological advances that enable their important events to stand apart from typical celebrations. Livestreaming is an ideal solution in pandemic times since it allows loved ones who live far away to feel like part of family and social events. 3D event design, meanwhile, enables organizers to create slick, professional-looking events that are safe and practical. Finally, gamification ups the ‘fun’ factor and enables guests to meet others in an engaging, dynamic, unforgettable way.

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