5G network

5G Network: How Does it Work?

You\’ve likely heard all the media coverage about 5G technology and wondered what the big deal was. Here\’s why it\’s important and how it works.

5G Explained

5G stands for fifth-generation wireless technology. 5g network functions by using radiofrequency energy to send and receive data. A new 5G radio has been developed that uses higher frequencies that support far higher signal bandwidths than anyone has experienced before.

It\’s way faster than the 4G systems but also uses higher-frequency electromagnetic radiation. The difference between 4G and 5G is that 5G is anywhere between 100 to 1,000 times faster than 4G. It\’s called lightning fast by many for a reason. Performance increases dramatically with 5G. You\’ll be able to download information at a much faster rate.

More Devices Are Connected

The number of users who can use your wireless at the same time is known as wireless capacity. 5G has 100 times the wireless capacity that 4G had. To get an idea of what that means, think about the times your video conference lagged because all three of your kids and your spouse were watching different movies at the same time. With 5G you can have 20 kids watching 20 different movies and lag time won\’t be a problem.

Less Power Is Needed

5G technology is more energy-efficient than 4G. That\’s because 5G chips can send or receive way more data at a greater efficiency than those of the 4G variety. Because that data comes into your phone much quicker, you\’ll be using less battery power.

Latency Is Reduced

The time it takes for data to move from one place to another is called latency. Latency measures how your network performs. The greater the latency, the longer it takes for a webpage to load on your device and the lower the website\’s search engine optimization. Right now, distance is the main cause of latency. The further data moves, the longer it will take for the page to upload.

Data traveling in cyberspace can cross several networks causing more potential for delays. With a 5G network, the latency will be significantly reduced, meaning web pages load faster.

The Speed Is Faster

5G technology can be 100 times faster than 4G. If you want to watch a two-hour movie on your cellphone, downloading it using 5G will take less than a minute. Tasks that were slow to download in 4G will load in seconds using 5G.

5G data transfers at the speed of lightning. You\’ll be able to play virtual reality games in real-time with someone across the globe without any lag time.

5G for Everything

With the advent of 5G, sensors will be embedded in roads and highways, allowing for self-driving cars. Drivers can nap, and passengers can stream movies while taking long-distance trips. You\’ll also be seeing fully automated factories in the future, thanks to the high speed of 5G technology.

Many of the devices in your house will be connected to the Cloud. Your refrigerator will tell you how much food you\’ll need to buy while you\’re at the grocery store. As you leave work, your thermostat will turn up automatically so that you have a warm domicile to greet you. Your house can tell you when to replace an air filter or clean an air vent. You\’ll save money and waste less energy.

5G technology could cause a revolution in the health industry as well. Because 5G is so fast, it can power robots. A surgeon could perform surgery remotely, even from across the globe, directing the actions of a robot.

The possibilities for a 5G network seem endless. Think of 5G as the technology that will revolutionize every aspect of how you live.

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