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The Latest Technology Improving Employee Training

Effective employee training is essential for business success — businesses with poor onboarding processes, for example, are twice as likely to experience employee turnover, while those with strong onboarding processes improve new hire retention by 82% and employee productivity by over 70%. Fortunately, a host of tech innovations are helping businesses streamline their employee training processes, while also reducing workload, maximizing productivity, and improving employee satisfaction.

Digital reality

Digital reality featuring virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is being increasingly integrated into employee training. For example, Honeywell recently launched an AR/VR simulator to train plant employees fast in relevant skills and technologies — technology very much needed since 50% of plant employees are due to retire in the next five years. The innovative technology combines Microsoft’s HoloLens, the first completely-wireless, self-contained holographic device, along with Windows Mixed Reality headsets to simulate various workplace scenarios, ultimately to train and test employees on their skills.

Custom learning experiences

AI is being integrated into learning experience platforms (LXPs) to provide employees with personalized training programs. Think of an LXP as the next stage in LMS (learning management system) development. Whereas an LMS focuses on providing employees with set training programs and tracking their progress, LXPs facilitate unique and personalized learning experiences. In fact, LXPs are similar to streaming platforms; they offer up a huge range of content options and use artificial intelligence to match courses to individuals. Beyond basic onboarding and job training, LXPs are therefore particularly effective when used for employee upskilling and reskilling, since employees are free to complete courses of their own choosing and at their own pace.

Gamification and reward-based training

Gamification throughout the employee training process is a key way to boost employee engagement, in turn leading to 147% improved performance, 65% less turnover, and 37% fewer absences. Easily accessible to everyone in the organization at the press of a button, gamification essentially involves employees playing games on an app and winning points and rewards as they advance their skills and work towards your organization’s set training goals. Since positive feedback is consistently provided throughout the game’s training process, employees therefore remain engaged and motivated to progress and strengthen their skills.

Strong employee training programs are key to business success. Digital reality, custom learning experiences, and gamification and reward-based training are just some of the latest tech innovations helping businesses streamline and improve their training processes.

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