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Sam Curry Talks about Misinformation Online and ‘Doing Your Own Research’

TechSpective Podcast Episode 096


Doing your own research makes sense.

You should not believe everything you see, or read, or hear. Critical thinking is a crucial skill. It is not only fair to question information and seek out alternative perspectives to determine what is right or true, it is advisable–if not imperative.

But, how? Sam Curry, CSO at Cybereason and President of Cybereason Government, joins me to chat about this issue.

There has been a dramatic rise in the last few years of people expressing opinions and dismissing debate with a simple “do your own research.” The “do your own research” crowd, however, generally tends to be from the MAGA / Qanon cult side of the world, and the research falls far short of anything that can be described as “critical thinking.” Many dismiss virtually all credible sources of news and information, while accepting faulty conclusions of propaganda and viral videos fed by a self-feeding circle of misinformation and disinformation that provides an illusion of truth or credibility by the sheer volume of sites and sources sharing it.

In most cases, “do your own research” is simply a euphemism for confirmation bias. People find information online that validates what they already believe, so assume that must be the “true” information and pat themselves on the back for “doing their own research.” They often rely on sources at the far left or far right bottom of this infographic–while rejecting information from the credible sources in the upper middle.

media bias infographic
Credit Ad Fontes Media

Check out the full episode for more insight and guidance about sifting through disinformation and misinformation online and doing your own research. We also talk about the “extravagant” life of attending industry conferences, and Sam’s thoughts on the recent Black Hat conference.

The podcast itself is audio-only, but the video of our conversation is also available on YouTube if you prefer:

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