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The Best Tech Gear to Use on Your Wedding Day

Planning your wedding should be a dream come true. From table centerpieces to the dress and tux and even the menu, each detail represents your personality and style. If you truly want to make one-of-a-kind memories that will last a lifetime and beyond, you can use the newest technology for the event. Read on to discover the best tech gear to use on your wedding day.

Smart Projector

If any of your friends are struggling to think of perfect wedding gift ideas, add a smart projector to your gift registry. Of course, you’ll want to unwrap it the day before or the morning of your special day so you can use it to wow your guests. This portable, lightweight device easily connects to a smartphone so you can stream any video you want in high quality. You can choose a model that uses LED to project video in 4K for the best viewing experience.

If you live-streamed your wedding ceremony, you can replay the video on a smart projector during the reception or play cute couple videos that you chose specifically for the occasion.

Video Invitation

Another piece of gear you’ll want to invest in before your wedding is the video invitation. If you have been looking for something that is a step above the regular email invitation, this innovative card will do it for you. Each invitation is customizable to match your themes, and each card includes a mini-LCD screen and internal speaker. Your invitation will play a video each time it’s opened. That means your guests will not only feel welcomed to your big day, but they’ll also have the perfect keepsake to hold onto.

Stick-On Camera

One of your biggest concerns is going to be securing photo evidence of your wedding day, and that’s where you can really innovate with new tech by using a stick-on camera at your reception. This device makes the selfie-stick obsolete. It’s a tiny, lightweight camera that you can stick to just about any surface. Connect it to a smartphone, and you have an instantly flattering selfie. The camera can run for a couple of hours before it needs to recharge, so it’s best to use it when your party is really pumping.


If you agonized over the location for your wedding and spent years saving up for the perfect backdrop, then you will definitely want to invest in a drone for a 360-degree wedding video experience. While a drone isn’t a necessity, it will give you much more flexibility while taking videos, and it will add drama and grandeur to the final reels of your wedding day.

Especially helpful for beach and hill-top weddings, a drone will help you get a bird’s-eye view of the gorgeous destination. The only thing to consider is the weather. If it’s a very windy day, you may have to retire the drone until the breeze settles down.

NFC Wristband

If you and your partner are tech-heads, you will definitely enjoy using NFC wristbands on your wedding day. Near-field communication devices are ideal for parties with a lot of guests. You can program these wristbands for just about any need, including counting drinks at an open bar, receiving photos and videos of your event, and checking into a photo booth. Your guests can do all of these things with just a tap of the wrist.

Technology has made it easier than ever before to throw a wedding that your friends and family will talk about for years to come. By embracing the latest tech gear, you can take your wedding to the next level.

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