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Reducing Risk and Building Trust with Data Privacy

TechSpective Podcast Episode 113


Do you have a right to privacy? Should you–as a consumer or individual–have control over your personal data, which companies are allowed to collect or access it, and how it is used? It seems reasonable, to be honest.

At the very least, consumers want–and expect–transparency. Building trust with customers relies on being transparent about what information is collected and why, and how it is used. There should also be a way for an individual to view their own personal information or request that a company remove or delete it.

Daniel Barber, co-founder and CEO of DataGrail, joins this episode to talk about data privacy and transparency. Barber shares insights and trends he is seeing with consumers around the world as it relates to their personal data. We also discuss why it’s important for companies to be sensitive to those trends and have processes and tools that give consumers control of their data–both from a brand and reputation perspective, as well as from a legal and compliance perspective.

Check out the full episode to hear more about the trends in data privacy. We talk about research from Datagrail showing that a high percentage of data removal requests originate from nations or states that don’t actually have personal data privacy regulations in place. Daniel and I also chat about the ways that sharing personal data is typically a transactional process–the question is, “What am I getting in exchange for sharing this information with you?”

The podcast itself is audio-only, but the video of our conversation is also available on YouTube if you prefer:

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