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Afiniti Identifies How Contact Centers Might Be Missing Out on Millions Annually

When a customer needs help with a product or service, contact centers are usually their first port of call – and the experience they have can make or break their relationship with a brand.

Afiniti, a CX AI company, encourages brands to use these interactions as an opportunity to build stronger connections with customers and identify possible upsell opportunities. It does this by using AI to pair callers and agents based on historical patterns of success and the likelihood of a good “fit,” evidenced through increased revenue, higher customer lifetime value, and reduced agent churn.

Afiniti recently shared four areas that indicate where businesses could be losing out on value through their contact center operations:

  1. The contact center is seen as a cost center, not a revenue generator. Contact centers are often the focus of sweeping cost-cutting initiatives, especially in tough economic conditions. But focusing exclusively on the cost of delivering a great customer experience rather than the upside means many organizations are leaving money on the table. With the support of the right technology, customer interactions can drive better business outcomes without draining profit.
  1. Contact center leaders are incentivized by time, not value. Getting a customer out of the queue as quickly as possible often takes precedence to building stronger relationships. Traditionally, contact center routing has run on a first-in, first-out basis. The customer gets put through to the first available agent, regardless of whether they’re a good fit. Afiniti’s technology pairs callers out of sequence based on the likelihood of a successful connection. This can result in not only better business outcomes but also increased customer satisfaction.
  1. You aren’t factoring in the price of agent churn. Recently, Afiniti shared how an interaction enhanced with AI can help reduce agent churn. Many organizations fail to realize the high price of agent churn, costing thousands in recruitment, onboarding, and training. Afiniti’s AI technology is built to recognize every agent’s unique strengths and abilities – meaning that the highest performers aren’t driven to burnout.
  1. You aren’t challenging AI providers to demonstrate precisely measurable results. Critically, as Afiniti recently shared, the company is able to prove the impact it is having on the performance of an enterprise’s contact center by measuring the revenue generated when Afiniti’s AI is active. Afiniti’s system incorporates on and off-metering to help operations teams tangibly measure the difference it makes toward metrics such as revenue and first-call resolution – making the ROI of investing a better customer experience significantly clearer.

Shifting from a cost-oriented mindset to a profit-oriented mindset can reveal new opportunities to drive more value from your contact center. An AI-enabled contact center drives both increased revenue and enhanced customer experiences, turning what is often considered a cost center into a profit generator.

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