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BlockCerts: Building Blockchain Solutions that Work

When dealing with a new technology, you have a choice between using a large company that does what you need as one of the many capabilities that company has or dealing with a smaller company that expressly focuses on what you need to get done. This isn’t a generic decision because the larger company will have advantages in terms of potentially knowing your company and industry better but a disadvantage of being so diverse that it can’t truly focus, while the smaller company can certainly focus but won’t have the breadth to deal with issues outside of their area of expertise.

When you’re sick, do you go to a specialist or a general practitioner? If you are sure of your need and it falls within a particular specialty, then a specialist will be better. If you aren’t sure what’s wrong or the problem is broad, then a generalist or a larger practice with multiple specialists (like a hospital) would be your better choice.

BlockCerts is a small specialty company that works with some of the largest companies in the world to ensure blockchain efforts meet or exceed expectations.


BlockCerts was created during the Bitcoin ramp after the company founder wrote a patent application on “how to process flow chains” with a focus on how PERU (process exchange redaction units) could connect businesses to consumers more reliably. The patent was eventually granted, and the effort was certified by MIT in FinTech in 2016.

The proof of concept for this approach was launched in 2017. This protocol-based KYC (Know Your Customer) blockchain layer was what founded the name “BlockCerts.” The idea is to ensure that both sides of any blockchain transaction are legitimate.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs were a natural for this BlockCerts effort because, traditionally, they were single-purpose applications using mostly cloud-based data. As a result, early CRM systems were disasters in expenditure and implementation. BlockCerts became a viable fix for these excessively costly and underperforming (often failed) efforts by providing a more efficient and secure system for delivering products, one of the first being a large-scale medication distribution system. This implementation demonstrated the following benefits:

  1. Eliminated data degradation and provided 100% accuracy.
  2. Complete and regulatory-compliant accurate identification of users, with effective redaction when required by law.
  3. Created real-time uninterrupted transactions while removing the related complexity from the user experience.
  4. Enabled and encouraged networks of suppliers across the digital medical ecosystem.

Subsequent solutions included large-scale, real-time authentication and risk assessment capabilities to provide the most reliable information to companies and their clients. This effort showcased additional unique benefits to users, including the ability to self-sovereign, which is the ability for a customer to fully and independently control their accounts and related personal data, including the ability to share that data when they so choose while still keeping the data secured.

In short, BlockCerts effectively has been providing for the promise of blockchain, secure transactions that can be relied upon, but across a range of markets from government to pharma and banking, among others.

Wrapping Up: Generative AI

BlockCerts is a specialist company that focuses on making blockchain work effectively, efficiently and with an even higher level of secure effectiveness. Created from a list of industry needs, there is a potentially revolutionary platform that was developed from the methods known to be used by the most successful SuperApp developers in the world.

The solution is Virtual Space technology that creates a haven for knowledge that generative AI programs, by themselves, don’t currently supply. But the solution is semi-autonomous and uses GPT technology and a common code base designed to provide users with secure, private, efficient, and effective methods and processes to better manage their data.

In short, BlockCerts is a potential game-changer for the software industry a critical specialist for firms needing more than the promise of blockchain. This is for companies that understand what they need from blockchain but have yet to find a company that can meet what they know the technology is capable of but have been unable to find a solution that meets what they thought the technology does, or should, provide.

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