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Best Horse Racing Podcasts In 2024

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world that somehow managed to stay relevant for hundreds of years. How is that possible?

Well, there are a few things that make horse racing what it is today.

First, we have the excitement of the races. Nobody can explain the thrills of watching horse racing that they’ve put money on.

Also, we have the tradition and history that adds additional value to the sport.

But the biggest help to horse racing as a sport comes from its passionate community. The sport wouldn’t be the same without the passionate enthusiasts who analyze the races, talk about the winners and the organizers of the races, and build the hype around horse racing.

Since we talk about communities, podcasts are one of the best places where you can tune in to watch your favorite content. Fortunately, there are plenty of horse racing podcasts you can listen to that will give you more information about the races, possibly some expert opinions on upcoming races, betting strategies, and more.

Let’s find out which are the best horse racing podcasts in 2024.

Best Horse Racing Podcasts to Listen in 2024

Horse Racing Radio – Kentucky

This podcast provides comprehensive coverage of horse racing events and talk shows. It features exclusive interviews and in-depth conversations with prominent figures in thoroughbred racing. The show’s segments include reflections on the careers of top horses and jockeys, historical retrospectives, and discussions on hot topics in the sport, making it a go-to source for dedicated fans and industry insiders alike.

On top of that, we have experts who talk about popular subjects like the Kentucky Derby. These experts are coming from and other racebooks with years of experience in the horse racing business.

Blinkers Off

This podcast is recognized for its rapid-fire approach to horse racing analysis. It provides updates and news on Kentucky Derby contenders and offers selections for major stakes races. The hosts, known as the Racing Dudes, bring a blend of expertise and entertainment, making it an engaging listen for both casual and serious followers of the sport.

If you like horse racing, then you probably already know Well, they’ve come out with a podcast that includes plenty of horse racing insights that can help you understand this vibrant industry better.

This is a podcast made from horse racing fans, by horse racing fans. They pride themselves on giving high-quality content and insights on the sport.

Gate to Wire

Hosted by Jonathan Stettin and Michael Vale, this podcast offers a deep dive into the horse racing world. It’s known for its detailed discussions and expert insights, making it a valuable resource for those who want to understand the nuances of the sport.

“Gate To Wire” is renowned for its engaging delivery of special guest interviews featuring prominent industry figures alongside the latest news in horse racing and segments dedicated to handicapping.

The podcast is an excellent resource for those keen to delve deeper into every aspect of horse racing. It also features special handicapping tips from ‘Pick 6 King’ Jonathan Stettin, providing listeners with expert insights. “Gate To Wire” promises an unparalleled experience, taking its audience to places uncharted by other podcasts in the horse racing realm.

Who Do You Like Here? The Best Horse Racing Podcast: This podcast stands out for its lighthearted yet informative take on horse racing. It often includes race analysis, betting tips, and discussions on various racing topics, all delivered with a sense of humor and approachability.

Final Furlong

This is kind of a mesh from the experts of The hosts are Emmet Kennedy and Kevin Blake, with years of experience in the horse racing industry. They are joined by many different guests who provide an insight look of horse racing as a sport.

We’ve seen racehorse owners, bettors, expert analyzers, and other people who are directly involved in the sport. They share their opinion on the sport and how it all functions.

Going in Circles

Going in Circles is kind of a different horse racing podcast that doesn’t only focus on horse racing as a sport. It also covers horse racing from a different perspective: the business aspect of the sport.

So, if you are someone who is interested not only in who’s going to win the race but also wants to hear some business insights, statistics, revenue, and more, Going in Circles is the podcast for you.

Additionally, they always cover some touching issues in the industry and raise some important questions that are designed to prepare horse racing for the future. It is a no-nonsense podcast that is straight to the point and always covers helpful information and some spicy topics that horse racing enthusiasts love to talk about.

Final Words

So, if you love horse racing then tuning into some of these podcasts can help you learn more about the sport, get some expert picks, and finally gain an advantage over the bookmakers.

Who knows, maybe arming yourself with knowledge is the best way to increase your winning chances on your next bet.

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