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Korea Quantum Computing and IBM Collaborate to Create AI Magic

Arthur C. Clarke once said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” We may see that play out when the collaborative effort between Korea Quantum Computing and IBM matures into a product offering.

This week, let’s explore how Quantum Computing blended with AI could change the computing landscape dramatically over the next several decades.

watsonx AI

IBM watsonx is the most mature of the AI offerings currently in market. It has been under development for decades and is tied to a joint relationship with NVIDIA, the firm that is currently leading the cross-vendor AI charge. What makes watsonx so unique other than its time in market is that IBM got focused early on data integrity, security, federated data for safe data access, and enterprise-level performance.

The result is the most powerful and trusted hybrid AI technology currently in market that is powerful, safe, scalable, and trustworthy in a segment that has been plagued with learning and litigation problems of late.

IBM currently stands alone in terms of providing AI capability without the drama of competitive AI platforms that aren’t as mature as watsonx.

Quantum Computing

In the partnership between IBM and Korea Quantum Computing, IBM’s unique knowledge of quantum computing should provide a level of depth to the partnership that is seldom seen because, more often than not, partnerships like this engender huge communication and integration issues. Typically, neither side initially understands the other side’s limitations and reasonable capabilities, but IBM’s quantum background should allow it to better understand Korea Quantum Computing’s capabilities and shortcomings and help it overcome the latter when needed.

Quantum computing uses massive datasets that can be analyzed nearly instantly, which can be a game changer when responding to natural disasters, extra-terrestrial, or defense threats. Being able to analyze and act on massive data sets could make the difference in lives when identifying and responding to threats of this class and make South Korea a far safer place than countries without these capabilities.

AI + Quantum Computing

By combining the two technologies, you gain the ability to identify and respond to large-scale threats nearly instantly by bypassing the normal bureaucracy and lack of cooperation that define why these responses often fail. Given the relationship between North and South Korea and the North’s threatening rhetoric, conflict may be imminent, and these combined capabilities could give South Korea an unprecedented ability to not only identify a threat very quickly but to quickly respond to it. This is critical for anti-missile responses or fast-moving airborne threats but also very useful in terms of chemical or biological attacks.

Once integrated into South Korea’s defense, this technology could form an immensely powerful deterrent against attack and show that its near-instant response would render such an attack suicidal in nature.

Everything from determining political interference to undersea movements of weapons systems becomes possible with more rapid and well-formulated responses to these threats when both technologies are combined. And this is on top of the benefits of being able to create more powerful drugs, transportation solutions, large scale population management solutions, and enhanced abilities for crisis response.

In short, the power of connecting these two technologies could redefine how we identify and respond to broad classes of threats or take advantage of previously unknown opportunities to create a better, safer country.

Wrapping Up

IBM’s quantum AI partnership with Korea Quantum Computing is potentially a massive game changer. The kinds of capabilities these two entities could create once these technologies are combined will be unprecedented in the modern world and potentially capable of massively improving and securing the lives of the citizens in countries like South Korea who use the resulting blended solution.

This partnership and others like it will change how and when decisions are made, open the door to massive new advancements in medicine, technology, and defense (among others), and potentially significantly change the world around us. And I expect we are only at the very beginning of changes like this. We are watching the birth of magic.

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