Author: Adrienne Campbell

Adrienne Campbell is a security consultant and holds a BS degree in Cyber/Computer Forensics and counterterrorism from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Hacking is one of the most misunderstood areas of modern life and she helps audiences that are interested in tech, coding, and other fields to understand that hacking is something that can be looked into.

5 All-Important Data Backup Strategies You Need to Work from Home With everything moving online at an unprecedented pace in the wake of COVID-19, working from home has become the new normal. In an office environment, you have access to facilities that aid your workflow that help you get work done better, but this is absent at home. We depend on technology for work now more than ever. The influx of people working online has led to a disproportionate increase in viruses, hackers, and other malicious elements. This imbalance could affect your data and make it vulnerable to permanent loss…

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