Author: Bastin Gerald

Bastin Gerald is the CEO and founder of, an intuitive cloud-based SaaS platform, integrating OKRs and task management plus 300 other data-driven metrics to help companies successfully implement the model and reach new heights. helps companies focus, align and engage teams for optimal productivity and company success. To learn more, visit

By now, everyone with their finger on the pulse of the technology industry will have heard about the most popular goal-setting strategy that industry leaders have been using to bring their companies to the next level – OKRs. This acronym stands for Objectives and Key Results, a goal management system that is utilized by organizations of all shapes and sizes, from technology titans such as Google to the smallest of startups. Andy Grove, the famed CEO of Intel, is credited with developing the concept of OKRs in the 1970s, a framework that was further developed and popularized by John Doerr…

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