Author: Darya Efimova

Darya Efimova is a Digital Transformation Observer at Iflexion. With MA in Creative and Media Enterprises, Darya is an accomplished writer and industry insider helping IT leaders make sense of today’s tech disruptions and new market imperatives.

As trade portals continue to eclipse static websites as a digital touchpoint for B2B customers, few enterprises remain unswayed by their ability to fortify brands, reduce costs, and increase sales. However, in the haste to offer clients and partners direct access to internal value-adding applications, it’s easy to forget that portals can become vulnerabilities in the soft underbelly of an organization. In case you haven’t reviewed your portal cybersecurity, or you are planning to launch a trade portal or a business-to-business ecommerce outlet, the following overview of portal security dos and don’ts will help you avoid mistakes. By heeding them,…

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