Author: Jason Coggins

With a wealth of experience in the UK Government Security Services, Jason Coggins now leads the UK & European sales team at Lepide. His role in distributing IT security and compliance software has led him to become an expert in the upcoming GDPR, and in his spare time he seeks to keep others informed of the potential implications this regulation is likely to have.

What does it mean to have a data breach in the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Most of us think of a data breach as the actual loss or exposure of information to an unauthorized or unintended user. When it comes to the impending EU regulation, however, it is more accurate to define a data breach as a violation of the legislation (act or section) that was put in place to prevent the loss, or unlawful disclosure of data in the first place. So, this being the case, it’s prudent to really look at the legislation that…

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