Author: Lindsay Chen

Lindsay Chen is a tech enthusiast with a background in web and mobile development. Her passion for finding innovative solutions drove her to share her knowledge and expertise through blogging. Lindsay is a mother of two lovely daughters and a career woman at the same time. She enjoys Pilates, yoga, and outdoor adventures during her leisure time. Also, she loves collecting the latest gadgets and wearables.

Technology can be defined as the methodology and a set of skills used to achieve a task in the simplest way possible. Humans have been using tech-related tools for several years. However, most advancements we see today started in the 21st-century. These innovations have played an integral role in how we live and appreciate life today. For one, home automation has increased the security of many homes and even businesses. Such advancements have come to pass due to the ever-changing consumer needs. Here are some of the most thriving tech industries in the world today. 1. Cloud Storage Market Cloud…

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