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4 Thriving Tech Industries in The World

Technology can be defined as the methodology and a set of skills used to achieve a task in the simplest way possible. Humans have been using tech-related tools for several years. However, most advancements we see today started in the 21st-century.

These innovations have played an integral role in how we live and appreciate life today. For one, home automation has increased the security of many homes and even businesses. Such advancements have come to pass due to the ever-changing consumer needs.

Here are some of the most thriving tech industries in the world today.

1. Cloud Storage Market

Cloud storage has become part and parcel of modern businesses. It’s one of the industries that aren’t only growing in market share but also advancing every day.

Third-party cloud managers, like GreyLoud, are constantly working towards improving the experience of cloud storage users. As such, more companies are starting to employ this technology due to good recommendations and the benefits enjoyed by the current users.

2. Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality is a computer-generated environment that simulates the real world to some point. One can experience this 3D environment by using a VR headset. It’s mostly used in the entertainment arena to make movies more thrilling.

VR is also employed in the military, training of athletes, and health sector, especially when diagnosing people with mental problems. Huge tech companies, like Samsung and Google, are the biggest players in this field.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is the simulation of human intelligence into machines by machine learning engineers. The objective is to make these machines learn, reason, and perceive things like a human being.

AI is categorized into two: weak and strong. Weak artificial intelligence is a system designed to perform one particular task, for example, video games and personal assistants like Apple’s Siri.

thriving tech industries AI VR fintech

Strong AI, on the other hand, mimics human behaviors that involve complex tasks without the intervention of human assistance. This is quite common in hospitals and other high-end fields.

Many companies are employing AI-based systems with the aim of ensuring better services. This is an indication that most business owners are starting to see the importance of this technology. The current rate of advancement suggests that robots could outdo humans in the coming decades.

4. Financial Technology (FinTech)

Another industry that has seen a rapid growth rate in recent years is Financial Technology. FinTech is a set of innovations aimed at competing with traditional financial methods. Some of the main ideas include block-chain, crowdfunding, and cryptocurrency.

About a decade or so ago, these ideas were just dreams, but, today, they’re part of our lives. GoFundMe, for instance, has changed the lives of many people due to the ease of generating help from the well-wishers. In fact, it gained more popularity when the pandemic hit various parts of the world as people sought help from those who were still financially stable.

Soft loan applications have also had a similar impact, given the fact that there are no strict rules like traditional banks. There are several applications today that not only give you access to unsecured loans but also a favorable savings plan.


The COVID-19 pandemic posed a great challenge for many businesses. However, it also proved to be an opportunity for other industries, like FinTech, to keep growing. For instance, GoFundMe, which is part of crowdfunding, had become very popular.

Other fields that have experienced rapid growth include virtual reality and artificial intelligence. AI, for one, has shown signs of becoming a very vital player in the coming years. VR, on the other hand, is designed to improve the experience of movie lovers.

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