Author: Mark Woods

Mark Woods is the Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager at Riverbed Technologies. Currently focused on cloud solutions, Mark has worked over 15 years in the IT equipment sector in product management, planning and marketing roles. His experience spans servers, storage, networking and cloud solutions. Mark earned a BSEE at the University of Colorado and an MBA at the University of Texas at Austin.

Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is a recent product category. Most IT organizations have yet to make their first purchase, although many are doing technical investigations and adding SD-WAN gateways into their infrastructure plans. However, the financial arguments required for budgetary approval are still a pending activity. While there is a general belief among networking staff that SD-WAN reduces costs by shifting traffic from expensive private WAN links to broadband Internet connections, quantifying this and other SD-WAN benefits requires a more rigorous approach. Quantifying the SD-WAN return on investment Building an ROI calculation can be time consuming, so Enterprise Management…

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