Author: Naveen Poonian

As iBASEt’s Chief Operating Officer, Naveen is responsible for aligning organizational and departmental objectives with the company’s vision and mission statement through the implementation of strategic initiatives that result in greater organizational efficiency, rapid growth, and scalability. Graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Naveen’s expertise is in management and operations of a high technology software firm catered to complex manufacturing and maintenance solutions.

For many businesses, the initial rush to the cloud was mostly about saving money and keeping up with the competition. Companies were thrilled to avoid major capital expenses for new hardware and software by changing over to monthly subscription charges for cloud services. Not surprisingly, that wasn’t a good enough reason for most manufacturers to make the leap to the cloud. After all, manufacturers are used to spending big chunks of capital on equipment. To stay competitive, they have to invest heavily in expanding facilities, modernizing operations and automating processes. Cloud services may have initially seemed too lightweight or impermanent…

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