Author: Tim Britt

Tim Britt is the CEO and co-founder of Synoptek, a global consulting and IT services firm focused on delivering results for its customers. Britt has served as a strategic executive in the capacity of CEO and CIO for the past 25 years. He has provided strategic consulting both in his current role at Synoptek and with dozens of prior strategy and operational consulting firms serving Disney, Levi Strauss, Home Depot, Jusco and others.

Remaining alert to the costs and overall impact of technology investments in difficult economic times is of great importance for any organization. In periods of financial downturn, much like the marked fiscal impact faced by many businesses amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, budgetary adjustment and recalibration are essential for any organization to sustain itself. With trends in recent years highlighting the ever-growing investment in technology across the board, the questions concerning sustained progress for organizations now forced to reassess project and operational investments are more relevant than ever before. Here is a quick list of potential ways business leaders can…

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