Author: Terry Webb

Terry Webb is a DevOps specialist and Founder of, with expertise in database management, information technology, and DevOps. His insights have been featured in some of the most popular IT blogs, and Webb is appreciated for making SQL interesting. The majority of his work involves DevOps consulting and blogging.

The DevOps market is generating billions every year, and the trends of 2020 are expected to play a major role in its further growth. The domain has become a key point of focus that’s shaping the software world, with plenty of innovations blooming under the umbrella of DevOps. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the DevOps latest trends that took the domain by storm and that all IT enterprises should embrace soon to stay relevant. DevOps Trends You Should Be Aware of Hype in Automation By replacing redundant manual work with technical assistance, DevOps is turning…

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