ASUS Zenbook UX305

Review: Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook

It seems like everyone is trying to get into the tablet, 2-in-1 hybrid game these days. It’s refreshing to see a slim, powerful device that’s just a laptop. It doesn’t fold or twist or detach, but the Asus Zenbook UX305 offers some very serious bang for your proverbial buck.


This slim laptop is only half an inch thick and weighs in at a meager 2.6 pounds. It’s size and finish both draw immediate comparisons to Apple’s MacBook Air line.

It runs on an Intel Core M-5Y10 processor and has 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD storage. It has a 13.3-inch full HD (FHD) display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The UX305 comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports and an SD memory card slot on the left side, and an additional USB 3.0 port, mini-HDMI port, and audio jack on the right side.

The laptop comes equipped with integrated 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 support. It has a Bang & Olufsen ICEpower sound system and a 1.2 megapixel HD front-facing camera.


The Zenbook UX305 is slick. It has an ultra-slim all aluminum case that gives it a classy look and a solid feel. It’s just one more element that makes the Zenbook UX305 appear to be a MacBook Air clone.

The keyboard is a comfortable size. It has a dedicated context menu button that opens up the right-click menu for whatever app or window is active, and four-way directional arrows at the lower right. Another nice touch is that the F2 key also provides quick access to Airplane mode.

The trackpad is actually quite spacious. Asus designed it to simulate a touchscreen experience. The pad actually clicks down when you use the left or right mouse buttons–providing both tactile and audio response.


My experience with this laptop was awesome. I’ve seen sharper resolutions but the display is bright and clear. Performance wise I have no complaints. Granted, I wasn’t doing any hardcore gaming. But, for average tasks—email, social networking, surfing the Web, an occasional Netflix movie—it works just fine.

One thing that I really love about it is that it is whisper quiet. There is no fan, no CD / DVD drive, and no traditional spinning hard disk drive. That means there are no moving parts internally and the laptop simply doesn’t make noise aside from the tapping of the keys and the click-clack tactile response of the touchpad.

It comes loaded with Windows 8.1 so the extra-large touchpad comes in handy. It gives you plenty of space for pinching and zooming, or swiping from the sides to do things like access the Charms bar in Windows.

It comes with some Asus bloatware too. One application is Asus WebStorage, which provided 16GB of cloud capacity to store and sync your data. That is silly and unnecessary, though, because there are so many other free cloud services out there that are more ubiquitous. Microsoft provides 15GB of OneDrive space for free, and OneDrive is integrated throughout the Windows operating system so it just makes more sense to stick with that and skip Asus WebStorage.

One of the USB ports includes USB Charger capabilities that enabled it to charge devices 50 percent faster even when the PC is asleep or shut down. That is a handy capability to have.


Bottom line—for $699 this is a bad-ass machine. I made my living for almost three years on an 11-inch MacBook Air that I loved. In both form and function the Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook is as good or better than the MacBook Air. The UX305 also costs $200 less than the entry-level 11-inch MacBook Air, and $600 less than a similarly equipped 13-inch MacBook Air.

Granted, the MacBook Air has an Intel Core processor rather than the inferior Core M line, but the Core M is no slouch. For $600 less it’s quite awesome actually.

Even if you take the MacBook Air out of the equation, the Zenbook UX305 is an awesome laptop for $699. It has the power and storage capacity you need in a slim, light form factor that delivers exceptional battery life.

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  1. Silence is an underrated virtue. I love love love a quiet laptop! Too bad it’s not touchscreen enabled, but I’m sure that would have made it more expensive. Looks like a performer, and that’s what matters most.

  2. Mike Johnston

    I am currently using an older model ASUS & I love the aluminum chassis. Mine does have a hard drive & fan but it is almost indetectible, so I am sure this new model with the solid state drive would be unnoticible. I like the size of this new ASUS 13″ laptops are the perfect size in my opinion.

  3. I was actually looking for a new laptop since mine is getting oldish now and I found this giveaway…I’d really love to win this since it seems to be a really great laptop, powerful, fast and silent, while mine is now old, frustratingly slow and really noisy (it sounds like a shuttle)…I hope I get the chance to win this…thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  4. Thanks for the great review, this does sound laptop has pretty much crapped out on me..I really would love to win this, seeing buying one is out of the budget at this point.. my current laptop is slow as molasses!! help me out!!

  5. I have another ASUS model. It’s really nice with one really annoying problem: The power connector is really thin and fragile. I have broken two of them and had to buy replacements.

  6. 2.6 pounds? That’s what I need in my backpack, not the almost 5 pound E6410. Yes please!

  7. Benjamin Fasel

    Sounds pretty good to me. Would have to get an external DVD, but that’s small change compared to a new laptop.

  8. Looks like a killer laptop and a serious Macbook air contender. It would likely replace an aging Dell desktop I have at home.

  9. Although I’d love this bad-ass ASUS to replace my 6 year old custom Toshiba M500 (still kickin’), I would give it to my wife so she doesn’t have to work from her 10″ ACER netbook anymore! Good luck to all!

  10. Robert DeCamp

    Looks like some pretty good specs. Would love to have a laptop as I don’t as of now.

  11. My current laptop is dying. It spits out a high-pitched whine (but only when it’s on), the USB ports on the left side don’t work, and Steam won’t run on it for some reason. Also, WMC won’t open. This is all on its second HD after the first one crapped out on me.

  12. James Glaspie

    That looks like a good choice for the replacement short list. Like Matt (below) the wife could use a new laptop. I think hers came with Vista on it.

  13. Very nice machine. i currently own a three year old Asus laptop that has served me extremely well.

  14. I will probably wait until I can get a nice 2-in-1 for my next laptop. But for the low, low price of free; I could certainly make due with this one for a while. Thanks for the chance to get it!

  15. It just occurred to me that I left out one thing that might be important for some people. The UX305–like most slim ultrabooks–lacks a built-in Ethernet port. However Asus includes the USB to Ethernet adapter in the box so you can also connect to a wired network.

    1. Thanks for the afterthought. I am glad you mentioned the USB to Ethernet adapter, this adds to my liking this unit. Zenbook UX305 is the laptop for me! No dvd/cd drive, which takes up unnecessary space and can be better used for other hardware or simply allow for the smaller build. Love that it’s lightweight! Sounds like it has it all. I want one!

      1. I cannot say in the last 3 laptops that I have owned have I ever used the CD drive. I don’t think I have even touched a CD for almost 5 years.

        1. Agreed. On the rare occasion that I get software or data on a CD I have to borrow a desktop computer from someone else in the house so I can rip it to a USB thumb drive.

          1. Or you could spend 20 buck for an external reader! I have an extra I can send to you for free!

          2. That is an option. It’s just an unnecessary one at this time because there are other PCs available to me that have DVD drives. I had the external USB SuperDrive with my MacBook Air, but I never actually used it so I didn’t bother buying an external drive from my Surface Pro 3.

          3. I just popped into the discussion, looking for some feedback on the Zenbook…sounds like many of the issues surrounding the SP3 have been addressed: heat, fan noise,… you’ve compared the Zenbook vs the SP3?

    2. While Apple didn’t feel like bundling the much needed USB dongle with its new $1300 Macbook, which has a single USB port for everything, including charging. Apple, a company that makes tens of billions of $ of profit every quarter, didn’t think it was the right thing to do. Capitalism greed at its finest.

      1. Do you even read your own ignorant remarks? You are free to express your communist disgust by not buying a Macbook, not that you could afford it! It isn’t even germane to this product! Ask somebody else to explain it all to you.

        1. Are you emotional about this? Is Apple your favorite brand?

          What’s ignorant about my remark?

          Yup, I’m free to not buy a Macbook the same way I’m free to say what I think about it.

          Communist? I can’t afford a Macbook?

          How old are you?

          1. becase that capitalist crap exudes stupidity, lack of an education and a massive ignorance. I’m old enough to knock some sense in you. Get an education, take some economics courses. Then try and support yourself. STUPID REMARKS that could only come from an ill educated ner do well lazy sloth. And no, I don’t own a MacBook.

          2. Only gratuitous insults – no substance, no explanation. You claim you are old enough but it’s clear you show no sign of an educated person.

            Do you see the blatant irony?

          3. I had more education than you when I was graduated from high school, but I have several graduate degrees you dolt. You wouldn’t understand a rational explanation of anything. How stupid to mention “capitalistic greed”.That puts a true stamp on your ignorance.Nothing you say, in perpetuity, will ever make any sense whatsoever. I tried to put everything in monosyllabic terms, but I guess that was too much. Go collect your low wage paycheck, or y7our government entitlement, and leave me alone. This is my last response. If you don’t understand now, then you will never understand. You can’t shine feces. I guess you couldn’t answer until the public library opened to use their computers, or you couldn’t get off from McDonald’s yesterday.

          4. Obsolutely no substance, again. Only the typical lame excuse of the flavor “I won’t attempt to explain anything because you are too stupid to understand.”

            I asked for some sensible arguments but the best you could do was to show yet again how devoid of substance your rant has been. So juvenile.

            The only sentence with some sense you wrote so far has been “This is my last response.” Writing more will only ridicule yourself further.

          5. That’s the proper English. The fact that you don’t recognize it heralds your ignorance. Another fucking ignoramus. I wouldn’t call you a dolt because you aren’t that smart.

      2. You’re conflating greed with the intent of this product. Most users do not need an external monitor. That’s a GEEK thing. They also don’t need a USB mouse, or to print so often. And most people don’t need their laptop plugged in all day, which means that port is free for other activities. If you need these things, you’re likely buying the wrong Mac.

        That said: Apple’s greed is in the PRICE of this unit. $999 would have blown minds and, once again, delivered the computer for the rest of us.

        1. Three things:

          – Apple charges $80 for the adapter (aka “USB dongle”)!
          – Previous version of the Macbook has not only one but two USB ports.
          – USB is also used for charging your smartphone and for portable drives, not only for USB mouse.

          1. Three responses —

            DONGLES — In no time flat Amazon will be hip deep in copycat dongles that are much cheaper by Anker and the like. Anyone who has a clue about tech knows this. This is like accusing Apple for being greedy for selling $35 silicone covers. Well, yeah… if you’re dumb enough to buy one of them.

            LAST MACBOOK HAD 2 USB PORTS — Painfully irrelevant. Prior MacBooks also had firewire, usb 1, and other irrelevant offerings.

            EXTERNAL DRIVES — The point of a laptop is to be portable. This requires storage sacrifices in this modern age of cloud storage. Or occasionally plugging in a larger drive. USB PHONE CHARGING — Most people move their laptop to and from locations, vs. being out and about all day. That means you can plug your phone into a car, home, office with it’s own cord. Again, hit Amazon and get a cheapie extra charger and leave one at home and one at office, school, or whatever.

            You’re kinda whining. Again, you’re not forced to buy this unit over another.

          2. 1- What other companies charge or will charge for a similar unit is irrelevant, in the context of the point I have been making.

            2- That’s not an argument.

            3- You can have more ports and still be portable. Not requiring a feature all the time but only occassionally does not necessarily mean the said feature is not useful or desirable. Just because there are charging stations, for example, in some airports doesn’t mean every airports have those or that everyone conveniently has access to one or bother to sit close to one.

            If I’m whining, then you’re kind of an Apple apologist.

            That “not forced to buy it” dismissal again?! So must I be forced to buy something in order to have the right or the justification to complain or criticise the said thing?!

          3. “1- What other companies charge or will charge for a similar unit is irrelevant, in the context of the point I have been making.”

            The point you were making about Apple greed was, “Apple charges $80 for the adapter (aka “USB dongle”)!” The point I was making is that only a pinhead would buy the interior mats of a car from the dealer… full well knowing they’re marked up… and that third parties offer far cheaper mats.

            “2- That’s not an argument.”

            Correct. Your argument that Apple is greedy for having one USB C port when the prior model had two USBs (that weren’t C) is NOT AN ARGUMENT. As I said, PAINFULLY IRRELEVANT. The reason this new model has one port is stream lining. And this presumes the more ports, the more they are used. Nonsense. How many people do I see in Starbucks using more than one port? Next to zero. Many use NO ports. So, again, NOT AN ARGUMENT.

            3. “You can have more ports and still be portable. Not needing a feature
            all the time but only occassionally does not necessarily mean the said
            feature is not useful or desirable.” True. Get a different MacBook if that matters to you.

            “then you’re kind of an Apple apologist”

            Zippy — I already granted the unit was over-priced to the tune of $300. Pay attention. Your solution to that problem is more ports. Mine is keeping unit as is and dropping the price.

            That is — WE BOTH AGREE IT’S OVER-PRICED, but your USB port reasoning is weak. You’re not forced to buy THIS MacBook, Zippy. Buy the OTHER over-priced one that’s full of ports but lacks an HD screen.

            Can I let go of your hand now?

  16. I was just looking at a Lenovo X250 (no more crapware and a backlit keyboard) but the Asus is $500+ less expensive.

  17. This little jewel would be just right for my missus. She’s using an old HP that her son filled with Minecraft stuff and I haven’t been able to get it right yet after he loaded some viruses that his little friends told him would be good for add-ons. She doesn’t use it for much more than email and some surfing, so any high end machine would be a waste, but I want her to have more than just a cheap machine that is nothing but a collection of low end junk. Edit: And I have to say, My Asus G75 is the best machine I’ve ever had, including a custom rig that was nothing but problems.

  18. My current Dell N5010 is several years old (with a replaced hard drive – I never did get the Dell restore partition right again) and will no longer accept battery power (board issue, apparently), making it no longer a portable laptop. This would be a fantastic replacement.

  19. Cyndy Swanton

    I bought my daughter a Microsoft Surface Pro recently, which she needs because she’s finishing her Master’s degree this year. How does the Asus compare to the surface pro 3?

  20. I would like the UX305 primarily due to its portability compared to my standard 15-inch laptop, which seemingly has increased in weight over the years. I would like to have the laptop’s functionality on trips, but will try to get along with a tablet on my next due to its weight and general dimensions. Oh, the supplied USB-to-wired-Ethernet adapter is a very valuable touch for me.

  21. I would like to have a laptop that I could actually pick up with one hand. This sounds perfect.

  22. This would highly preferable to the 17in laptop I have at home. It’s entirely plastic and feels like it might snap under it’s own weight. Smaller lighter and aluminum would be a lot easier to handle.

  23. I like the ultra book format and I’ve even grown fond of Windows 8.1. Looks like a nice package to me.

  24. Edward Scott Sr.

    I’m using a10 year-old Dell Insprion laptop that has seen better days.I have replaced the hard drive,updated the OS from Vista to Win7/64bit, and installed Bluetooth. It’s time for an upgrade….

  25. Christopher Wunker

    I am using an old MacBook Pro. It still runs pretty well but the battery has been hiccuping lately and it is pretty slow anymore. A nice, new Ultra laptop would be perfect!

  26. As long as the performance is decent and the battery lasts more than 5 hours I probably be happy with the Zenbook. I’ve learned to make concessions for lightness (though I still require FHD display)

  27. This sounds like the perfect laptop I can take with me on vacation and personal trips. It is light and quiet.

  28. Robert Cassidy

    I sold my first laptop because it was too big to be truly portable, but this model looks like it would do just fine.

  29. This looks like a great laptop at that price . I do like the 17″ screen I have now but it’s not a big deal to go smaller.

  30. i have an ASUS ROG, but it died on me i loved it very fast for a laptop, So i need a new one i love ASUS computers i always have.I like the sleek design of this one ,and like you said its just a laptop i don’t like all the tablets that twist an turn or snap on keyboards, anyway that’s my 2cents. If i win this laptop i write a full review of it ,,,,,,,good luck everyone

  31. David Goldberg

    I like the included ethernet adapter. I spend enough time in a non-wifi environment to need it.

  32. I would love to win this because I’m a huge ASUS fan. My current laptop is great but it’d be nice to give one to my girlfriend, too 🙂

  33. Sounds like a nice laptop. I’m not big on laptop touchpads but this one sounds like it might be useful. I also like a USB port that charges faster and even when the laptop is shutdown. Sounds like a nice display at 1920 x 1080. Also nice and quiet with no fan.

  34. Rich Vansprang

    Need to replace my old HP Windows 7 notebook that likes to visit the dreaded blue screen too often.

  35. Because I often have so many tabs open on my Chrome browserS, I need more RAM than I have on any of my current computers so the 8GB on the UX305 would be great for me!

  36. I saw this machine and love it. Very sleek and powerful. Would love to win it too!

  37. This looks like a great one. It’s time for a new one since mine still has XP on it 🙁

  38. My current laptop is getting old and slow. I would love a new one, and this one sounds great.

  39. I_know_a_thing_or_two

    Everything about the machine sounds nice, except the small screen. My kids, OTOH, won’t have a problem with it and we always need another machine around the house!

  40. Noe Charbonneau

    My current laptop is several years old and is constantly losing connect which is a PITA! I would love a new one please.

  41. Terry Stecker

    I’ve had good luck with ASUS notebooks in the past and the soon-to-be college freshman will need one this Fall

  42. I really could use a nice laptop like this. My old one needs a new battery and an OS upgrade.

  43. Nathan Parsley

    I’ve been in the market for a replacement for sometime. I have been unable to pull the trigger because none of them stacked up to what I believe they should.
    This one is to that level.

  44. Never had an ultrabook before due to the lack of a cd drive, but the idea is growing on me after using a chromebook for many tasks and realizing that I rarely ever use a disc drive anyways!

  45. There are many things to like about the device, besides the high end specs – it just looks sexy.

    Do I need this laptop? Someone else probably needs it more than I do.

    Best of luck everyone.

  46. Glenn Cameron

    I’m running the wheels off of my old Dell laptop. Ultrabook goodness will be appreciated.

  47. Samuel Gerszonowicz

    Light and quick is the way to go! We need ever more facile such equipment!

  48. Terri Cirvello

    My college age daughter’s hand-me-down ASUS laptop is dead. As a fan of everything ASUS we would love to have this machine!

  49. Time to upgrade my slow netbook, it would be great to win this Slick little ultrabook, so I cna run photoshop again.

  50. I love Asus motherboards, so I can’t see why an Asus Ultrabook wouldn’t be great.

  51. Rhonda Wilson

    My desktop has been on the fritz for a couple of years now ( never really seems to stay fixed) so something new awesome and portable to replace it sounds pretty awesome!!

  52. The size, weight and especially the mini HDMI would be perfect for my video processing needs in the surveillance market!

  53. My notebook got stolen when I moved, and this sounds like a replacement that I would really enjoy. Mine was thicker and, looks like, heavier, as well.

  54. Pat Van Tassell

    I consider myself a techie, but with a limited budget, a phone, tablet, and Desktop are all that I have at the moment. I would love to have the functionality from an easy to travel with ultrabook. It’s definitely at the top of my wishlist!

  55. I have been looking for one of these to replace my wife’s laptop. this one is the right size and has the right stuff.

  56. This would really help me launch my copywriting career. I like this Zenbook’s specs–it’s lightweight, has a good battery and a bright display. That’s what I need. I need portability, performance and yes–I need a laptop that looks good on the outside, too. I plan on taking this to a lot of meetings and the all-aluminum style looks very up-to-date and professional.

  57. Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook – Heck had thought I wanted to wait for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to replace my old laptop but now after reading this review am starting a rethink.

  58. One thing that really seems nice about the Asus is that it is so light. If you are like me and find yourself lugging around a heavy laptop everwhere you go, along with powercords, cables, accessories, etc., it can get quite tiresome. Something this light, with this much capacity really makes it a powerful unit.

  59. I like it because it is a bad-ass machine that is cheaper and works just as well as those overpriced Apple machines (Tony’s words, not mine). Relax Applephiles, it is just a piece of hardware. It really doesn’t make you life better. Go ASUS!

  60. I currently have a 17″ HP notebook which I would not exactly call portable. This model, however, seems easy to carry around

  61. I run around doing a lot of presentations. This would be perfect for this instead of the laptop brick I carry around now. I can also get some of my web work done quicker on a laptop like this.

  62. Yes tablet will also do in a pinch, but I find more often than not I need the full power of a laptop. The specs on the Asus look very good. Good graphics and processing power. Why spend the money for a Mac when this one will do pretty much the same job?

  63. This would make an awesome gift for my daughter who will be graduating in May and will need a laptop for college!

  64. I have the original Asus Zenbook, and can say that I am completely pleased with it. This one sounds just as awesome.

  65. Keyboard lighting would be nice but with this one I don’t think I’d care. Asus has always been a favorite of mine.

  66. For the avid business traveler, this could be perfect. The 13.3 form factor and 2.6 pounds is nice and small and light but still big enough to be productive for documents and spreadsheets. Plus the SSD is great because there is no longer the worry about drive failure from moving parts.

  67. My new cb is awesome but has real limitations. If I get this zenbook it would replace the cb and use it as a workstation in my class.

  68. Edward Lambert

    My desktop is very old. This would be a super nice upgrade. I was over at checking it out. I would love a touch screen model.

  69. Form and specs look like exactly what I need. Much lighter than my old HP laptop which is so slow I stopped using it.

  70. Jean Anderson

    Sounds like all the things I’m looking for in my new laptop, light weight, fast SSD, lots of ram, etc, etc. etc

  71. hey i need a new computer, as i still have windows xp. i know bad boy but haven’t got the money

  72. aclockworkisac

    This looks like a great laptop, I need to replace my old air minus the Apple tax.

  73. The SSD and 13.3 HD display are pluses for me – and at that price it seems like a great value!

  74. I like the fact that the UX305 comes with 3 USB 3.0 ports. I don”t understand why all USB ports are not 3.0 these days

  75. Wow, best bang for your buck! I’m ready to replace my 13in MacBook Pro with this baby…

  76. Man I would love to win this baby! I’m still rockin’ an old ThinkPad on XP! =o(

  77. Looks like a winner to me, Asus is becoming the name to beat in laptop design and performance.

  78. The family laptop is currently a 7 year old HP. It’s time for an upgrade and this looks like a really sweet system that would work really well! Thanks for doing this contest!

  79. How did the speakers sound? I am interested in that. I haven’t purchased Asus products for almost a decade now since they last screwed me with promises of new tech on brand new products, but I am willing to change my mind if I get a chance to check out their stuff.

  80. I never knew about this website until I saw a link from I’m glad to have found it.

  81. I have used Lenovo and Dell Laptops as well as a HP Chromebook. From the review this machine seems to fit between them based on size and function. How durable is the machine? With a large family this type of machine would get passed around and used by rang of people.

    Did I miss this, does it have a touch screen?

  82. i have been looking for a desktop replacement, and this would fit the bill nicely. I want one!

  83. Mark Rathgeber

    I read about this laptop when it first came out a few weeks ago. It sounds better with each review I read. Light weight, SSD, and decent performance make me very interested.

  84. When I was building my own machines, I always loved Asus components – very well made. It seems like they’ve brought this know-how to laptops.

  85. I love the lightweight look of the zenbook. I’m a fan of tablets, but would much rather have a keyboard handy and connected the majority of the time.

  86. Looks like a dynamite system to travel with. Very light, quiet, yet pretty fully functional.

  87. I need a lighter notebook, but if I buy another computer, my wife will divorce me!

    I should be able to conceal the ASUS UX305? It’s an ultrabook!

    1. Be careful – if you get this, she might start wondering whom you are spending so much time with…

  88. This is an awesome ultrabook! My wife’s laptop is over 6 years old so she could really use a light and fast ultrabook since she can’t carry anything heavy due to some physical issues. We can’t afford one so winning this would be terrific for her – and I could play around with it a bit, too, of course!

  89. Nice touch with the USB charger. The 3 USB3 ports are a big plus. Like it. Would love to have one.

  90. I Need a great and powerful PC Laptop (sounds like Oz !). I’m Currently running W7 in bootcamp on a circa 2008 MacBook. I need an upgrade!

  91. I’ve been thinking of getting an Air but this looks like a good option. Thanks for the review!

  92. Interested in the UX305, looks sleeker and more portable than my current laptop. Seems like an exciting travel companion.

  93. I’ve had an Asus 700T tablet for a number of years, and this sounds like the perfect replacement.

  94. Kevin Grassel

    No moving parts! Love this. Would like to get one for my daughter entering high school, but not sureI want her having a laptop that puts mine to shame.

  95. Spencer Parker

    I have used an Asus tf101 and now have a TF301. I have been impressed by Asus quality. Although these tablets are good, I really would like one that runs Windows instead. I do photography and it would be great to have a tablet where I can use the same editing software that I use at home.


    Had a laptop for one week before the hard drive went south. Currently working with Kindle & LG G3; good, but awkward. Could use an upgrade!

  97. In both form and function the Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook is as good or better than the MacBook Air. The UX305 also costs $200 less than the entry-level 11-inch MacBook Air, and $600 less than a similarly equipped 13-inch MacBook Air. So, we can get a top quality product at a very reasonable (comparatively speaking) price.

  98. I would love to win this laptop and feel like I’ve joined the 21st century. I have a 6 year old 17 inch behemoth that is heavy and akward to carry. Worst of all (oh can I say it?). It is running Vista. Please help!

  99. Volkan Sirvanci

    This looks like a good Mac Air alternative. I could try to put ubuntu on it as well.

  100. If this will allow setting up dual-booting and installing Linux as my X200M does, I would be interested. If it had an optical Trackpoint instead of a touchy touchpad (what my wife and I both hate on any notebook), then I would be all over it!

  101. My mom went in for surgery yesterday and is doing well. I’d like to give her this as an early Birthday present (April 8th).

  102. I’m in the market for a new PC, while I’m definitely leaning towards a MacBook Air (especially if there’s a new one announced soon), this would be great for my needs. Hope I can win it!

  103. The Zenbook UX305 sounds like just what I’m seeking in my next laptop, …I’ve got to surrender my employer’s Lenovo Twist upon completion of my assignment within the next couple of weeks. The weight and size are perfect for my travel plans, without having to break a shoulder carrying it, and the Core M processor will work perfectly for my applications, not being a gamer either. Would love to have one!!

  104. Having an old Toshiba Satellite series that weighs in over 4 pounds, it would be awesome to try a really slim, ultra powerful, new form of laptop. I have had ASUS tablets in the past and like the design, but never made the step to their laptops, and would like to give it a try.

  105. Bruce Redgate

    The UX305 will be a useful and hassle free option to own compared to a windows.

  106. Santiago Longoria

    I need a new fast windows pc for work, and this one would definitely fit the bill.

  107. I’m a current user of an Asus N53 series notebook that has been a real workhorse, but it does have the drawback of be a bit of a boat anchor when I need to carry it anywhere. My job has recently switched to Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablets with Type covers that are almost the perfect solution, but I’m having issues with the keyboard size that I’m not sure experience will remedy. I’m thinking this might be an excellent middle ground, but I’m wishing it had a touch screen.

  108. Looks like it would be a great machine for travel… I’ve had good luck with Asus laptops, have one I use daily as a desktop replacement…

  109. Looks like a great travel laptop. It would be great to replace my aging and heavy laptop.

  110. I may get lost in all these comments because I’m not tech savvy, but I’ve been screen shopping for a laptop for about a month, and this one has many of the features I’ve been wanting at the best price I’ve seen. I wanted a light weight unit with 8.1, 3.0 ports, and a SSD. Quiet is the icing on the cake! Fingers crossed!

  111. My current Asus notebook is 5 year’s old and really in need for replacement. This UX305 seems for me. Moreover, this type is not available in my country (only 4GB internal memory version).

  112. I have a decent 17″ laptop that I use mostly as a desktop computer, but would love to have something like this to pack around with me.

  113. Lacking any laptop whatsoever, and having a preference for high specs in small packages, this seems an ideal portable computing platform at a huge cost savings compared to the MacBook.

  114. Michael L Jones

    I have been using a HP laptop that still runs on the original XP OS. It would be interesting and wonderful to have a laptop that is entrenched in the latest century!

  115. I’d love to have something this light to carry around with such good performance!

  116. Most laptops are too heavy!! This one seems like it should be light and still powerful enough to get the job done….

  117. Gary Pandolfi

    I am definitely in the market for a new laptop, but with all the choices it is difficult to decide. This machine sounds like an outstanding value.

  118. My fiancee has a zenbook and loves it. Everything about it is amazing. Just upgraded the ram and am thinking about adding an SSD soon. Only thing we don’t like is Windows 8.1….only because it seems to blue screen two or three times a week. I would love to add this zenbook to the family. I myself am on a 7 year old lenovo. Thank you.

  119. I would love to get my hands on the Zenbook. My 4 yr old laptop while
    all-powerful and full featured is 6 lbs of luggable-ness that my back
    doesn’t always appreciate. I have been enamored of the Mac air and this
    Asus should be a very nice competitor.

  120. Jeffrey Snyder

    I HAVE to win this! What’s not to like? They thought of EVERYTHING! FINALLY a manufacturer that gets it. NO MORE COMPROMISES!

    THANK YOU techspective for the chance to win, but I have to admit: You already had me. GREAT, VALUABLE website & subscription.

  121. I love the fact that this is a dedicated ultrabook, not trying to do 10 different things! I certainly need a new laptop!

  122. It would be great to win this Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook it would give me portability. Currently all I have is my desktop, no smartphone, laptop or tablet. I feel like I am being left behind.

  123. Seems like a pretty good ultrabook – I’d love to win it to stop lugging my 4 pound Dell around.

  124. I really need a new laptop. Mine just kicked the bucket. I really like this one!!!!!
    It is beautiful and very productive.

  125. Bobby DeMusis

    This looks awesome!! Or as you put it, “bad ads”.Perfect replacement for my nearly 6 years old Mac. Really enjoying your site.

  126. I travel frequently, and pack as efficiently as possible (read: one Carry-on bag only).

    My clothes are always selected for multi-purposes – easy to maintain, and can be used in casual or formal settings. This part of the luggage can be a bit of a challenge – but it is nothing compared to selecting and lugging the “Tech” around.

    I am an Android and Windows guy. I have no problems with either OS. But tablets just simply do not work in my field (Mech Engineering). I need a laptop and a mouse. And there in lies the rub – I need to be able to show clients drawings and animated models – a decent sized screen and processor means weight.

    I was one pound (450g) over the new limit on a recent European flight. To avoid checking the bag I paid a 40 euro fee. This new, smaller (single) carry-on bag, and weight limit, will eventually be adopted by all US carriers. My current laptop is too heavy and it’s looking a little weathered.

    The Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook is half the thickness and weighs less than my current unit. It has the required specs to meet my needs, and frankly, it has a sleek sexy look, that will impress my Geek clients. This would be a winning Combo for me.

  127. This site gives excellent information, and a chance to win stuff. Just from reading from what Mr. Bradley has written, I am interested in the Zenbook UX305, and the new Dell XPS13. I have also been looking at the Lenovo site at the 3rd gen X1, and the Yoga Pro 3. So far, I think that the new Spectre 360 is probably a better buy than the Yoga Pro 3. The X1 is probably too expensive for what I can afford. I need a new computer to finish a novel. I had to give my existing computer to my wife who needs it to work – her computer died 2 days ago. My eyesight is extremely poor due to cataracts, and the inability to get my Crohns disease to go back into remission keep me in bed, bathroom or hospital. An easily handled computer with a screen that would help me see what I am typing without straining would go a very long way to helping me back into a more productive life (or heck just paying for my prescriptions). Any suggestions or wisdom that anyone might be willing to share on the computers mentioned above would be sincerely appreciated.

  128. Wow- this would be a huge improvement over my circa 2008 Asus netbook! Would love to have one.

  129. This is what will save my back and my frustrations. I am still using a 7lb Dell with XP and would love to join the modern day world.

  130. disqus_lFxbCN2YpA

    This laptop sounds great. Since it is built by Asus I ook forward to seeing it’s superior performance. And being able to use it as a tablet is a definite plus.

  131. I Like the light weight slim design and quiet features. Not sure about the touchpad where pressing on the the pad itself is the mouse click action. ThinkPads went to that design a year or so ago but so many users complained about it that they brought back the buttons in the latest models. When you press the touchpad to click you end up inadvertently moving the mouse pointer so end up clicking where you don’t want to. Hopefully the design in ASUS’ touchpad is better. I did find on the ThinkPads that I did get used to it so I could compensate but it took a conscious effort to do so.

  132. I would love to win this laptop so that I could use it too look for a job. It would be a hige asset and help me continue my career search.

  133. Taylor Champagne

    my current laptop while powerful is big and bulky, this would be far more classroom friendly

  134. Had a Zenbook, and it was wonderful. Thin, light, great screen. Wish I had it back.

  135. Marco Rosamano

    I like the fact that it is whisper quiet. I take notes in meetings and hate when the fan kicks in. The fact that there are no moving parts internally makes me believe that it is more reliable – no warped hard drives which killed my last two laptops.

    I like windows Windows 8.1 a lot, and I love the extra-large touchpad, as I use touchpads constantly.

    The free 16GB Asus WebStorage is also very attractive. I have used nearly all of my 15GB of Microsoft OneDrive storage, and could use the extra space for very large files.

  136. I have an 11.6″ Asus. I like the asus in many ways, compared to both my 15″ laptops, but would like a little bigger screen and keyboard. I had a 10″ which was too small to be usable. 11.6″ is just big enough to start being usable. I had a 14″ for a number of years, which was just a little too big. I think 13″ would be just about right for a mobile laptop.

  137. As a med professional, I need a computer that is reliable and something that I can take with me wherever I go! Whether it’s from the clinic, to the office, to the OR! I need something that is capable to handling all the documents I need for classes and lectures, as well as handling the several papers that I need to review for pubmed! This would seriously be helpful for me!

  138. Travis Faulkner

    Love Asus products. I got one of their Transformers a few years ago and I still love it for tablet stuff. The Ultrabooks are awesome. Hope to win.

  139. This would be a welome replacement for my current laptop, which weighs a ton. Combined with huge textbooks, documents, supplies, & charger, I look like a hobo lurching across campus with my home on my back. I’m also looking forward to extended battery life, that way I won’t have to hunt for an outlet in every room and be “that” person who has their cords running across walkways.

  140. LouAnn Vahcic

    I love how sleek and sexy this model looks. My laptop is old and outdated; I would LOVE to have this to show off and make my techie friends jealous.

  141. Right now, all I have is a Chromebook, which works fine for very simple online tasks, but can’t do much else. As a student, I like computers that are very portable but still give more options with its use.

  142. current craptop is an acer Extensa EX4420 from the mid -oughts, this would be a huge upgrade

  143. This review is just the latest of gushing reviews about the UX305 ultrabook. It’s rare to get as many different publications and social media agreeing on a unit like this. That tells you something.

  144. Computers can be the most frustrating thing in the universe! HDD quit working yesterday. Spent the evening getting up on another HDD. Today, the original HDD works fine & was able to access it using a SATA to USB connector. Still researching the problem. Been working with computers since 85 & this is a first.

  145. I need a new computer I am using a 10 year old Gateway and it is so slow I hate to admit to my emailing friends why I can’t see all they sent me. This UX305 would carry me into the 2020’s.

  146. new laptop – yeah
    one of the badboys – yeah yeah
    win one of these – yeah yeah yeah

  147. My wife uses an old, clunky asus laptop and I would like to win the Zenbook so I can “share” it with her.

  148. There are three things that really impress me with this machine,, First is it’s size and weight. We’ve come a long way since my first Laptop. I think this weighs about a quarter of that. Second, I love the whisper silent running. I’m not a “Fan” of noisy machines. Third, it has awesome specs that put my current machine to shame. I’ve got to get me one of these.

  149. Michael Cozine

    Looks beautiful! I try to only by the best (as long as it’s not an Apple product). With reviews as glowing as this one count me as seriously interested.

  150. Eric Stoelinga

    My Dell Inspiron laptop serves as a desktop replacement, but it is still too bulky to easily port about. The ZenBook would fit that bill nicely.

  151. Kelleen Bingham Louchart

    My laptop is getting a bit old and laggy. The Zenbook looks durable, and is very lightweight. I would love this for both work and fun!

  152. ASUS, Ultrabook, Aluminum Case, 256GB SSD, Need one as I had to turn in my Ultrabook when I left my last job!

  153. I have always been a fan of ASUS brand and have everything from a laptop to a few tablets that have been durable and hard working pieces of tech that seldom disappoint

  154. At that price, it’s hard not to want this sucka. The ssd and ram size are shocking!

  155. This looks great and I’d like to have one because I do not currently own a laptop.

  156. Good brief review of what seems a real bargain Ultrabook. A quantification of “exceptional battery life” would certainly be interesting. Thanks!

  157. This Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook is sleek! Love all of its features. One feature that hits close to home is its small footprint – it is low profile and lightweight. I can fully appreciate and envy the size of the Zenbook since I am forced to work off of and lug around my 8 year old Dell Inspiron laptop (bulky and heavy) after my newer laptop was stolen. The Zenbook tech specs are drool worthy – RAM, SSD, etc, plus includes all the necessary ports (often lacking on ultrabooks). I will definitely need the long 8+ hour battery life. The USB Charger+ tech and charge while it sleeps ability will come in handy.

  158. This looks like a great laptop for the price. I would love a new laptop since my current one has a battery that won’t hold a charge and as of last week an a/c power adapter that no longer works. Laptop is currently a large paperweight at the moment so this one would be a great fix for my current situation!

  159. Looks really neat, my MacBook Pro is great but is on the slower side for some things.

  160. Why? Because I am old. I a playing my 7 iron on the 18 the hole. I have always been fascinated by PCs from my Tandy to my 2gs to m Asus netbook. Why Asus, because I am not a fool who contributes to the largest cash laden corporation in the history of civilization. I prefer the company that makes the components for apple’s overpriced products. P.S. if I don’t win, it’s rigged.

    1. It has three–two on one side and one on the other. I think that’s a pretty good number for a laptop of ANY size. The MacBook Pro only has two. No computer actually has “enough” USB ports for all of my USB stuff. That’s what USB hubs are for.

  161. Great looking Ultrabook. Have always prefered my desktop to a laptop, but with the Ultrabooks it’s the best of both worlds.

  162. It seems like a nice unit. I like the Asus products in general. I wish I had back my Asus unit I sold to buy a small HP with T-Mobile service. It is nowhere near as good a machine as my Asus was.

  163. Always like the Asus stuff. I could really use the better resolution screen, as my current one looking a bit dated.

  164. Sharon Ann Witteck Austin

    I am writing these comments here because my need for this ultrabook is so drastic. I have an old heavy xp laptop, and I so need to update in order to accomplish my tasks and projects. I can’t travel or carry my old one around, and it is certainly outdated. I wanted to create a book to donate to hospitals (will avoid detail here for now) and altho I have a lot of the work done in segments, I can’t put it together with my old equipment. I would surely appreciate winning this item. thank you for your consideration.

  165. This is a very nice unit. I’ve owned Asus in the past and am not surprised by the great design.

  166. Robert Niesen

    My current laptop is 4 1/2 years old and getting a bit long in the tooth. This ultrabook is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for — lightweight, full HD screen, what I consider just about the perfect screen size, and decent battery life. I’d love to have one.

  167. This looks like a great ultrabook. The extra info on not Ethernet port but included cable is really helpful. I am overseas most of the year and travel frequently so this would be a perfect fit. Plus my current computer is kind of a dog–heavy, bulky, slow, etc. It would be great to win this one.

  168. Maybe this could be the laptop that could end my crazy search over the past two years for the perfect mix of lightweight with great battery life. Something to replace my 2007, 4lb, 2 hour battery model. And save me from over-analyzing; I could move on to looking for new TV!

  169. I gotta say, while the specs are good, and I like the metal body, I really like the USB charging capability. If I’m looking for a light travel laptop, not having to bring a spare battery charger for my phone/tablet is really smart.

  170. I’m one of those people who shops forever and never finds the “perfect” technology solution because the ones that fit my needs are beyond my financial means or there is some “even better!” solution just over the horizon. This would solve that problem and get me a little closer to abandoning my Neanderthal status and becoming a card-carrying citizen of the 21st Century.

  171. David Almaraz-Roman

    So I really want this Ultrabook for School. Currently, i own a 5 year old Lenovo thinkpad laptop and its beyond outdated. I really need a ultraportable laptop like the Asus Zenbook UX 305. Money is really tight and I cannot afford to purchase a new laptop so I really hope you see this!

  172. This looks like a great college student laptop for my daughter…better than I can afford for her.

  173. Want this computer. Love the fact that Asus was able to release something so quick that takes advantage of the new Core M processor! Toss in the 8gb/256gb config and a 1080p matte ips screen at .5 inch…I really want this computer.

  174. Steven Buzzell

    I own 2 older laptops, and 1 Dell netbook. Really would like to try something newer.

  175. Scott Carroll

    Happy that it has 8GB RAM and the price is under $1000. The older Asus Ultrabooks properly spec’d would cost around $1200 – too much for average laptop users. This is still a bit rich for couch based users (Facebook + email + twitter primarily) but for anyone who works on their laptop this is a great option.

  176. Igor Pismensky

    Being connected in western society has become a necessity for work, play and socializing. Unfortunately ageing hardware and software is a reality which requires periodic updates. Thats the point I am at, needing to replace old desktop, laptop and even tablet. The Zenbook would do that job nicely.

  177. This seems like a finely speced budget ultrabook. I think it would be a fine addition to anyone’s technical supplies.

  178. Christian Cho

    I’ve been eyeing this ultrabook for a week straight. I had a powerful Asus laptop for four years and it’s time to retire it. I built my own PC for the first time to play modern games, but would love a simple ultrabook to take with me. I recently started a blog and vlog and need something that I can take to remote locations or to the coffee shop down the street to do some work. I’m not an Apple fan and would like a Windows-based ultrabook. I wanted a Surface Pro 3 for a while, but after seeing this, that thought has completely left my mind.

    If you guys pick me for this book, I will not only be eternally grateful, I will give you all a shoutout on my blog and vlog (I have a lot of college students who follow me)!

  179. I hate lugging around my heavy laptop that has no battery life. This would be great!

  180. A great looking and running machine. My current laptop is getting a bit on the old side. Would love to try out the SSD.

  181. With the cloud; light, functional machines is the new tool for those of us that fly the “friendly skies”.

  182. WebStorage bloatware is common in all Asus hand held devices from Asus UX305 to Asus Zenohone Mobiles with 15 unwanted bloatware apps killing the internal memory !!

  183. As a Doctoral student in Clinical Neuropsychology, this notebook would be perfect for me as an Intern ( I am now at the VA), and in moving into my 2 year residency working with patients with Diffuse (d)TBI and TBI. I could easily carry this with me as I do my assessments and also use it to run the assessments I have on m a thumbdrive while simultaneously transferring the data straight into the report as it has two USB ports. I tend save my reports to both the laptop I’m using and a thumbdrive that I keep inserted at all times as I previously lost 2 when my current computer “Blue-screened” at the most inopportune times. The new Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook would help me ensure timely assessments for patients as my current laptop is on its last legs. I am also a single mom. The financial spread required to maintain this last year of my Doctorate, Internship, and my family makes purchasing a new laptop, particularly one that provides an optimal system for patient care, unattainable. After 6 years in classes, three years of Clinical Training and practice, and with 2 and 1/2 years still to go, this laptop appears to be the perfect replacement as it would help me both complete my education while ensuring I can reliably serve my patients. Kate Shaw

  184. Joel McCauley

    We have ordered this for my wife from the Microsoft Store (Signature Edition, so no bloatware and $629 with the education discount) and it should be here Friday. I really want it for myself, but she needs a new computer. Will let you know how it is after we have had it for awhile. I have great expectations based on the specs and reviews.

  185. Love my Asus Transformer pad and keyboard – and think it’s good quality device. But . . . would really like to have something a little bigger – like this 13-inch charmer – and also have Windows on a smaller platform. Looks like a slick little item.

  186. I have watched and read and researched the MS Surface line since its introduction. The price has forever been the stumbling block to a Surface with the necessary resources for my family’s needs. My high-functioning autistic son is now 12 and his netbook is very outdated at this point. I would love seeing him interact with a touch screen, keyboard, and mouse on a single device with the resources to keep up with his unbelievably endless and multu-facited thought process. He plays two DS gaming systems against each other at the same time. I think this Zenbook may actually be capable of keeping up with him!

  187. If it was any thinner or sharper or hotter, one would need protective gloves to handle it! Zoom, zoom! Sleek is thy name.

  188. I am currently shopping for a new device since my current LT, XPS1530, doesn’t suit our needs anymore. The UX305 sounds like the kind of LT I’m looking for since it would do everything 100x’s better than our current system. We are constantly traveling all over the US since my wifes family is on the east coast, my family is from the South, we live in the mid-west and I travel all over for my job. Lugging our LT sucks since its heavy & big and it is hard for my kids to use because of that. We all use the XPS1530 for movies, which I either convert from dvd or download, my kids love playing the educational games on it that I download, my wife and I both use it when we work from home via citrix, we use it to talk to each other when I go out of town, etc… I store everything to an external HD just in case the HD fails on the LT but to also keep the amount of “stuff” on the HD low since there isn’t much space anymore on our LT. The UX305 sounds like it can resolve all our issues and manage everything we do plus it is light enough so my kids can utilize it too.

  189. Still running on XP installed on an 11 year old Dell 700m laptop that no longer connects to Wi-Fi. Have to use an Ethernet cable. Plus the battery is rip. So have to plug it into AC current. It’d be nice to have something state-of-the-art.

  190. want2bawinner

    This laptop sounds great, with all the trimmings that I would want. I have an ASUS laptop now and the writing has worn off the keys, apparently a common problem. I hope ASUS has come up with a better key design on this one!

  191. I’m definitely a big fan of Asus notebooks! The Zenbook UX305 seems to be a very good value based on specs alone. Perhaps they’ll sell a Signature edition at the M$ Store and that’ll come without bloat. I’ll probably wait for Windows 10 to get my next PC …

  192. Joseph Torres

    After lugging around an old dinosaur, (Sony VAIO VGN-FZ320E), this Zenbook would be a dream come true. Thank you for letting me participate in this give away!!

  193. Nice spec at competitive pricing.
    But no win8 for me yet.
    Good to have rj45 adapter for office use for file sharing in intranet

  194. I really love the design of the UX305 and the fact that it doesn’t have a fan to get crazy loud when I’d be in my class. The weight of UX305 would be great for me to carry around everywhere as a student. I’ve had the Lenovo laptop a year ago until I got it stolen and have been using my mom’s acer which breaks down constantly. I know Apple is really good, but I’m not a big fan of Apple and hearing about how UX305 matches up to Macbook Air, really makes this my ideal laptop.

  195. I have the ASUS Transformer notebook/tablet hybrid, and I’ve found it to be a solid, beautiful bit of technology (if a little heavy). The major drawbacks are only one USB port, no charge-level indicator on the detachable keyboard, and that I almost never use it as a tablet. It looks like the UX305 is a nice continuation of the direction ASUS has been going in the last few years, and I’d love to have one for my next machine.

  196. I can really use a thin and light laptop like the Asus UX305 for work. I really need one that is dependable and solidly built.

  197. Asus has a winner ultrabook, it has everything that I would want and need. Thanks for the great write up, here’s to having to own a great designed machine!

  198. Wow! Sexy looking laptop – this would win me admiring looks. What’s not to like. Sleek, lovely finish, great specs and all within one slim package (They could be describing me).
    And – bonus – it will easily fit into my low profile tote/briefcase and won’t cause my shoulder to separate from my body.
    Nicely done. Yes, I want it.

  199. What’s not to like about the Asus Zenbook UX305? This ultrabook’s integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, multiple USB ports and SD memory card slot provide lots of flexibility for both home and travel computing. The compact size, weight and battery duration are very appealing. I’m not a gamer so the Intel Core M-5Y10 processor poses no limitation. This Asus Zenbook UX305 is the perfect solution for replacing our 8+ year-old Windows XP Toshiba Satellite (M-1105) that no longer can be resuscitated or supported! Should I become the very fortunate owner of this Zenbook UX305 we will forever sing TechSpective’s praises! Thanks for the opportunity.

  200. Bruce G Miller Sr

    This Asus is really interesting and I think it would make a great replacement for my 3 yr old HP Envy Sleekbook still running Windows 7.

  201. My son will be going to college in August and is required to have a laptop. I can’t afford to buy the laptop needed for school on one $28,000 salary. It would be great to win one of the UX305 with it’s capabilities and features!

  202. I have never had a SSD, but I hear great things about them. This may be the best feature on this machine. Do we really need dvd/cd drive anyway. I am sure most people have another device they could use for that stuff!

  203. This laptop sounds awesome. I would love something lighter weight than my current HP and faster is always better too. Plus, it’s shiny. Who doesn’t like shiny things?!

  204. This would be great as my current boat anchor laptop is starting is starting to show signs of rust.

  205. Since I’m retired (or semi-retired and still doing online research) this notebook would be ideal because I’m constantly on the go from place to place visiting friends and family between research assignments.

  206. That really is ultra-lite for all that computing capacity. Looks great for the price.

  207. Way past time for new laptop. Combination of slim design and power are very attractive.

  208. Dana P. Henry

    Slipped getting out of the Jeep today! HP laptop hit the deck – trashed! Need a new device – this looks like a winner!

  209. I could use this as I don’t have a laptop and would make traveling much easier. Love SSD’s.

  210. Anthony Wright

    Would love to own this! Good price point, ultra slim design. Weighs a fraction of my big Dell.

  211. I have one laptop for five people. This sounds like a great solution to the wife and kids needing to get on the internet.

  212. This would be way better than my HP with a broken hinge! I can’t wait to take this light weight baby on the road.

  213. This sounds like the ideal balance between portability and power, for me at least. I’m looking at options as despite running Linux Mint and upgrading the RAM, my 9 year old laptop can no longer be described as cutting edge!

  214. Debbie Napier

    I loved my old ASUS netbook, it was so convenient and easy to carry around. It quickly got too slow. I would definitely consider replacing the annoying laptop I’m currently using with an ASUS. Thank you for the review!

  215. Donna Barnard

    As a diehard Windows aficionado, I am in awe of the aptly named ZENbook UX305. It is the perfect piece of computer craftsmanship – sleek, lightweight, quiet, and fast – sort of the cheetah of notebooks. I need this.

  216. I don’t like the desktop computer I have now as it ties me to the desk. As a Zen Master, I should already be the UX305. Thank you in advance.

  217. Sounds like a great laptop. Would love to try the windows 8.1. I did not like the 8 and went back to 7. I love my Asus Nexus so know the quality.

  218. Maybe I missed it in the article, but what is the actual battery life? Assuming it’s more than 8 hrs, it looks like a winner.

  219. I’ve been looking for a desktop machine in a laptop. This model has almost everything I want with the exception of a dvd-rw. Oddly enough I still find myself needing to create a DVD for music in the car or playing a movie in a DVD player.

  220. I’ve been thinking about getting an ultrabook, but the specs never seemed to match what I wanted to do with it. This one is piquing my interest, thanks for reviewing it!

  221. Brian McMichael

    The UX305 would be a nice upgrade with a fast solid state drive and light weight portability.

  222. Wow, $600 cheaper than the MacBook Air, absolutely quiet and a decent size
    screen. Definitely worth taking a closer look at this one!

  223. My ancient PC is sooooo slow. I would love to upgrade to an ultrabook, and the memory on this one is amazing!!

  224. Alex Hamerstone

    Great review. Especially appreciate the comparison to the Air, as that is what I am using now.

  225. Noe Charbonneau

    I so need a new laptop. Mine keeps losing connectivity every few minutes. So frustrating.

  226. This looks like a sweet replacement for my aging Dell laptop. Your review made me WANT ONE!!! Thanks!

  227. I especially like the weight of this product. It makes it manageable as a convenience item. My wife and I do a ton of volunteer work that requires extensive email and Internet time. When we travel, we take a full-screen laptop and an old Dell Duo so that one can clean out email while the other does more serious work. Both products are, very heavy. It would be great to have this in our arsenal, instead.

  228. I would love to replace my existing, aged ASUS laptop (not so powerful, portable, or pretty) with the Zenbook; love the aluminum chassis, SSD, battery life, and it’s thin profile and weight.

  229. I need a new computer because the area of my hard drive that controls the wi-fi is bad !!

  230. We are looking for a new laptop to replace a desktop unit the kids have been using. Mobility is the new way to work even when you are 8 and 10.

  231. My laptop is so old the keys are in latin….lol Actually it runs pretty good for a HP Pavilion N3550 running Windows 98, still pretty zippy. I cannot imagine carrying a laptop that’s 2.6 lbs.

  232. I have been an Asus fan since I built my first computer in 1993. I love their products and this one is certainly a great product. I can see a lot of uses for this around the house and traveling. Great review!

  233. That looks like a good little machine for the person carrying a lot. Count me in for an entry for this rig.

  234. I have never owned a laptop and very rarely used own for work but this sounds like a very handy and flexable machine

  235. I’ve been looking at ultrabooks to replace my old laptop and the Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook looks just right for my needs.

  236. Zenbook UX305 appears to be ideal for someone like me that needs more than a limited tablet/ipad/smart phone but don’t want to carry around a full size bulky laptop. A powerful Ultra thin laptop with touch screen functionality is the perfect combination for meetings, while traveling in a car/plane/train.or eating out.

  237. With having an aging desktop as my only computer, this seems a great way to become mobile.

  238. marksmith66 .

    I still have the old clunky Dell laptop I had as a student. I have to plug it in to an external monitor because the LCD went out

  239. Hits the right notes! I have been searching for a laptop to replace my 8 year old PC. Like the aluminum case (sturdy), solid state drive (stable), and Bang & Olufsen sound. Wish it had an Intel Core I processor but still awesome.

  240. my current laptop is 7 years old, it’s time to update to a newer / faster one and the Asus Zenbook UX305 ultrabook would be perfect.

  241. William Howard

    Really hard to say anything bad about the Asus Zenbook UX305. I wish it came with an Intel I7 or I5 processor instead of the Intel Core M-5Y10 processor. But I understand why they used the M-5Y10 processor, longer battery life and cooler laptop. This minor thing wouldn’t stop me from wanting to get lucky and win one.

  242. I currently have a heavy laptop that turns out to be more than I need. It looks like this would be a nice replacement.

  243. Wayne Deleersnyder

    I’m partial to larger screens and more power, but this sounds like a great laptop. I’m wondering what other competition there might be for this machine? I like ASUS products, but I wonder if Samsung, Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc… might have something to go up against this product?

      1. From the recent reviews I’ve consumed, my boil-down has been to the XPS 13 vs the Zenbook, vs the SP3. –Any opinion on one vs the other?

  244. Tony, thanks for this great review!

    Actually, I am in the market for an ultrabook, and UX305 seems like a perfect one to buy with the current price tag and specs.

    But, I have a question about its performance. I am a grad student who uses statistical softwares

    frequently. Since UX 305 has Core-M 800 MHz.processor, I wonder how it can handle running programming codes (which usually runs about 10-20 secs on Toshiba Laptop with 4 GB memory and 2.4 GHz i-5 proccessor)

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  245. Naeem Ur Rahman

    Now, only those people will buy Apple Mac book, who don’t know about this, or the people who have unconditional love of Apple.

  246. I love the look of this notebook. It is sleek and functional. I really don’t care whether it has an Ethernet port or not. I’ve been looking for a thin notebook.

  247. Hi, I’ll use an ultrabook for surfing web (more that a few tabs in a
    browser), and set a connect to remote servers through ssh for do my work
    (sysadmin linux, obviously i will remove the windows operating system
    and i will an installing a linux system on this ultrabook, for
    permormance reasones i have my desktop with i7 4790k hahaha).

    Think you i should buy this ultrabook for that purpose? Please can you say me your opinion? I will be very grateful with you.

    Thanks a lot!!!

  248. I have some problem with my zenbook. sometimes the music sound is noisy and annoying. anybody else do have such a problem? what can i do?

  249. After not being able to find this in any store in Houston I ordered from Asus direct. I got the laptop in 4 days. The first thing I did was upgrade to Win10. Since then I have one thing to say…..I have found excellence. If you own an Asus you know what this means. I love this machine…..seriously has a 2 second boot time. great screen. super thin….and to be honest…..looks like a status symbol….and it only cost 699. Hey, I am old…..late 50s. I’ve had tons of computers….this is always what I thought computers should be. Now if the Intel M processor model had back lit screens…It would literally be perfect for average computer users

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